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Can one believe that we are still living in the days of the Acts of the Apostles, which can be found in the New Testament of the Bible.

These miraculous stories happened after Jesus ascended to Heaven. When there was a prevalence of the activity of God the Holy Spirit followed by signs and wonders.

If you interested in modern day miraculous signs and wonders, then you need to read our personal story below.

How a desperate family prayerfully took the words of the Bible seriously. They were delivered from all forms of frontal spiritual attacks and physical ailments then graciously lifted to a higher dimension.

We specialised praying in the Heavenly Language. What does this mean? (Press this link: Pray the Holy Spirit Prayer for your whole family to survive the sudden attacks of the enemy forces.)

The Closeted Thoughts of a Son of a Banker

Saida went through a long and difficult labour to deliver Paul at St Thomas Hospital, London. We realized very swiftly that we had to nurture and build up a new individual to love our Lord and for him to become a blessing to society. The problem was that both Saida and I decided then that job hunting was not the criteria. We just fellowshipped around the Word of our Lord, the Bible and listened to various Christian testimonies. In those days these were Biblical preaching / teaching tapes spoken by anointed men and women of God from various parts of the world. Some of our friends must have thought that we were either a bunch of ardent and zealous Christian fanatics or a couple that were mentally challenged.As Paul was growing up he would not have grasped that working to raise finances and generating surplus income was not a priority in our household. We protected and surrounded him with so much love, he would not have picked up at times how distressing the financial situation was. For we had built up no savings. We had to purchase food, the bills had to be paid and we also had to make sure that Paul’s needs were met.We refused to borrow ( actually during this time we had no credit cards and given our dismal credit rating no banks would have given us a loan!!!), and at times it became extremely desperate.

Our family included a Global visionary and a Corporate entrepreneur in our grandfather Bastianpillai Paul Nicholas. Nearly 2300 people from around the world have connected with BP Nicholas on this Facebook page and shared it with their friends. The contents are exciting. Many have ticked 'LIKE'
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27th January 2018.

On this 2020 Marriage Prophetic video below, where a father is directly speaking to his son, the essential truth on how to pray effectively with definite fruitful results will manifest themselves.

Paul Anton Imbaraj Nicholas is the first great grandson of B P Nicholas. Paul Nicholas has emulated the mantle of his great grandfather.

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Thank God Saida came to the rescue. She collected all her jewellery that her dear late mother gave her as part of her last sentimental items. This was precious solid gold, mostly bought in India. There were only a few items left that Saida decided that she would not sell like her engagement and wedding rings. We collected all these items and decided to visit a shop in the West End, near Oxford Circus. We found this specific shop and walked in. Paul was just a toddler then. He looked so confident and self assured in his walk and the way he helped himself to sit on top of a chair that he drew the attention of the tycoon of this shop. For Paul acted in a manner that gave the impression he was familiar with the surroundings. This burly man was South African and was massively wealthy. He looked at our jewellery and instantly said that it was good gold and enquired whether it was from Saida’s mum which we affirmed. Before he could mention what price he was going to pay for this precious jewellery he looked at Paul and asked us whether this was our first child and we said, "Yes."

He then went on to make a proposition which caused us great alarm. He said, “I have been observing your son since the minute he walked into the shop. He has got all the hallmarks of a very intelligent boy.” He then went on to propose that he would like to adopt Paul. For adopting Paul he would give us a very generous compensation but the deal involved him raising up Paul and educating him in the finest educational systems in the United Kingdom. What he was actually implying was that he would take Paul away from us and raise him up as his own adopted son. Can you imagine our shock and horror at that suggestion that we would not see our son! I looked at this South African gentleman again and I soon realized he was extremely serious. We changed the subject quickly and asked how much he was prepared to give us for the jewellery. Thankfully, given the fact that he actually liked Paul he gave us a generous amount for the jewels. We hurriedly and gratefully collected the money. We grabbed Paul, in fact carried him, thanking the tycoon and left the shop. In parting we passed a message to him that Paul was not for sale. We never went back to the shop. There was no need to, for there were no more jewels to sell!!!

As I am writing this the memories are coming back of all the sacrifices we had to undertake to make sure both our children went to top league private schools and became scholars. Although we knew it was going to be a tough challenge financially we were adamant that both our children would be enrolled in some of the best private schools in England. Certainly the question might be asked how on earth we managed to pay the steep school fees for both our children. This is where the reality of God begins to play a major part in both our lives. I just hope that through the pages of this book you might pick up glimpses of how real and active a part God the Father played in our circumstances. Some of the ways of how the finances came into our lives are certainly out of the ordinary. Just allow me to give a few examples. During the first year of our marriage we stayed at the basement flat of the house that belonged to the Church in which we got married near the Oval, London. One day I observed that the lady who was living in the top floor was throwing away some of her furniture because she was going to live in the south of England to be part of a ministry interceding for Israel. There was an old chest of drawers that caught my attention. I approached the lady and I asked her whether she was actually throwing away all this furniture and she said, “Yes.” I then asked her if she would mind if I helped myself to this throw away. She said, “Anton, help yourself.” So I asked Saida to help me and we got the furniture inside. Months later a man who specialized in antique furniture came to visit us and his eyes fixated on this particular piece. He said he would buy it from us - and he paid us £500-00. Oh, there are so many stories we could relate. Just one more and then I will close on this theme. One summer day I had to go to a local Spar shop to buy some food provisions for Saida. My attention was distracted by an English gentleman who had too much to drink and found it very difficult to walk in a straight line. His face like a photograph became immersed somewhere in my memory. Standing in front of our house a few months later I saw this same gentleman , all the worse for drinking. I went up to him and asked him whether he needed any help. Instead of answering my question, he actually asked me whether I was staying in this Church house and I said, “Yes.” He then said to me that he occasionally attended the same Church. When he realized I was a friendly fellow he asked me to help him to walk him back to his house. So I assured him that would not be a problem. Over the course of time we became friends. One day he asked me, “Anton, do you know who I am?” I told him that I had absolutely no idea. He then went on to tell me that he was quite a rich man and that his mother had sold a valuable piece of property either in Bermuda or the Bahamas. During the time we were getting ourselves acquainted he must have gathered that I loved reading the Bible. He said that he was prepared to support me financially to attend a Bible School. There was a world famous Bible School in America that for many years I had dreamed of attending. Many an occasion I had fasted, desperately sought the face of God that He would miraculously draw in the finances for me to be enrolled in this Bible School. So imagine my delight, I took up his offer and flew all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, America to see the Bible School for myself. When I arrived in the campus in the very arena where I wanted to be enrolled, I came to a realization, or more a revelation, that this Bible School was not for me. For a certain incident happened right in front of me that confirmed the revelation. Its incredible that God the Father brought me all the way to confirm His perfect plan for me. I came back and reported to this gentleman that I did not need his money anymore for I would not be attending the college. He spontaneously told me that he had promised me this money and that it was mine to keep. He telephoned his bank, the Bank of America in New York, and gave them an instruction to credit my Bank account with this considerable surplus gift. Believe me this money became very useful to us.

There were also occasions that some of our friends took pity on us and came quietly without wanting to draw anyone’s attention and would drop some food packages, like for example frozen peas into our letter box and run away. Now and then we would hazard a guess who these kind people could be! The scenario has changed now, for the tide of blessing has turned and we are the current present day philanthropists on occasions assisting these same people financially and in other ways.

The next tenant staying on the floor above our basement flat would tell Saida, “Oh, I just happen to wake up sometimes during the early hours of the morning and notice the reflection of your kitchen light shining in the garden.” Saida would respond by saying, “That’s my husband either listening to tapes or reading the bible.” What we could not say to our neighbours and friends was that I had to maintain a continuous prayer link, sometimes during the wee hours of the morning, praying for supernatural provision to make sure that our daily needs were met. For this was the choice we made, whereas most of the populace was doing it the correct and proper way, by securing a rightful job. There came a time I felt I was wasting my time trying to explain to each and all what we were up to, spending most of the time praying and reading the Bible. Some of the concerned might have wondered why I did not enroll myself in a monastery and become a secluded Monk and do something useful!!!!! Once I was walking in the street near our home and apparently a lady known to Saida came and told her that she was travelling on a bus and she saw me. My head was apparently transfixed to the ground as though like a civil engineer I was checking on the gradient and the surface of the road to see whether it was paved and tarred well! The real reason why I went into this posture was to avoid facial contact with the people in the street for I was getting naturally tired and frustrated, trying to explain why I was not holding a proper and respectful job. This scenario reminds me of the Pavlov's Dog syndrome where from within the inner man I had to render ritualistic answers.

In a round about way was she really saying to Saida, "Is your husband alright?" Was this lady, although I want to believe she did not intentionally mean it, throwing out some hidden aspersions regarding the calling on my life? Actually this young lady who shared her concerns with Saida about me has since died. What fascinates me about human nature is the involvement of individuals who do not play any direct influence on ones life. The question is asked what is the purpose of their interference? Is it sheer curiosity or a loving act of showing concern or is it that they are confused as to why I am pursuing this type of lifestyle which is so out of the ordinary.

What I did not know nor account for was that years later that all this studying of the Word of God and praying was going to bear tremendous fruit. In fact saving people very close to myself and my family from literally dying. Take the case of our adopted family member, Valerie, who joined us as part of the family when both her parents passed away. The genesis to her joining us originated on Friday, 16th January 1999. We were in Valerie’s mother’s house in Claygate, Surrey. At 11-15 pm we were about to leave for London and we said goodnight to her Mum, Vera Meilton. It was during this momentous moment that she looked directly at us and told us in a rather sweet indirect fashion, “ Please take care of my only daughter”. She was clearly unwell and the memorable words she uttered to us were “All you need is Jesus.” We than prayed and anointed Vera with Holy oil and dedicated her to the sweet Presence of Jesus. Six days later she died peacefully at Kingston General Hospital, with Valerie holding her hand.

In June 2003 I was buying some flowers in the garden centre near our home and Valerie was assisting me as to what flowers our garden needed. We had anointed Valerie as our official gardener! We were placing the plants on to a trolley and I went forward to pay. I turned around to make my way towards the car and I noticed that Valerie was nowhere to be seen. She had completely disappeared out of sight. After a few minutes of panic and hasty searching, I found her sitting in the car in a sombre mood. She made the momentous announcement to me that she really believed that she would not be alive to see the flowers later that summer. For a moment I thought it was a dream or that I was imagining something. When I realized that she had actually said it, the rooster came home to roost. She had already been for a few operations. In one of her hospital check-ups she met a couple of consultants who had actually come to the local hospital from a very well-known research hospital who specialised in a certain form of cancer. She made sure that they checked her. Valerie being in the medical field knew immediately from their facial and body expression that their diagnosis was not good news. What happened in the garden centre was that the signs of the disease were taking full shape in her body. She knew this because she happened to work in a Hospice where she gave dietetic advice to her patients who were dying of this disease. Most of the symptoms had manifested in her body. I realized very quickly that I needed supernatural help in this context. One day after much meditation and praying I received a word as from the Lord, a healing word for Valerie. So I joyfully told her that I have got the word that will set her free of this dreadful disease. I need to interject a story here which is very relevant to how Valerie was going to respond to my word.

In the year 1986 I was just getting to know her, for she was already acquainted with my wife Saida prior to our marriage. She came to visit us and shared with us that she got some very joyful news to tell us. She went on to say that she met someone in the course of her work who was very impressed with the way she took care of him. He wanted to express his gratitude by giving her and two of her friends an apartment with reduced rent at a beach resort in Cyprus. She and her friends were flying off in a couple of day’s time. My being was deeply troubled about this that I spontaneously told her that I felt I was receiving this Word from our Lord to cancel the holiday and not go to Cyprus. Valerie as in her normal well mannered self, very politely, courteously and gently thanked me for the word and said she will think about it and let me know. Obviously her Christian parents brought her up well disciplined . When she left our presence I could guess what she was thinking. Probably Anton had too much coffee to drink and was suffering from some after effects and imaginative thoughts. For Valerie this holiday was packaged as one of her very special holidays and further more she could not disappoint her very close friends who had already taken annual leave and paid for their plane fares. Valerie decided to consult her own spiritual mentor and this lady more or less told her to ignore what Anton was saying and to proceed with her holiday.

At Cyprus on the third day of their holidays a stray dog, without being provoked came and bit the leg of one of her holiday friends. Maybe the dog felt they were trespassing into his protected area. Valerie was sharing with us that she was impressed how her friend responded to the bite for she said if the dog had bitten her she would have become neurotic, thinking that the dog could have been infested with rabies or any similar disease. During the fourth day of their holiday both Valerie and her other friend caught a tummy bug and lost their appetite. In fact her other friend became very ill. So the whole dream holiday became a disaster. So moving on forward when I discharged the word in 2003, Valerie responded to the word I gave her immediately and spontaneously. Within a few days all the lumps in her body disappeared. She did attend a scan at the hospital and there were no physical signs to be seen. I was also very aware of the responsibility I was carrying regarding Valerie. For the last instructive words her Mum told us before she departed on 22nd January 1999 was to take great care of her only daughter. There was no way I could let Valerie die. We are so grateful that she continues to be our faithful gardener. If you ever want to know how our garden looks there are some pictures on our website!!!! She is in divine health now and has progressed in her professional field. She has completed an equivalent to a Masters degree in dietetics. This also involved attending a residential course at Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2007.

All these healing words I was receiving seemed to be within the circumference of our family and for our very close friends. On 1st July 1997 Saida made an urgent call from her work place asking me to come and pick her up. Even now I am wondering and curious, given the fact that she was having such acute pain and had fainted, why on earth did she not go immediately to the Accident and Emergency Department? It was just a few yards away from the paediatric ward she was working in! It just so happened that Valerie had the use of our one and only car for her community work. So I had to hire a mini-cab to make a return journey from Kings College Hospital back to our home. When I brought her back she told me that the pain was unbearable. I knew that I had no choice but to take her to our local General Practitioner, (Doctor). This male Doctor, who actually was born in Malaysia gave her some pain killers and some oral antibiotics as part of the prescription. He also made an urgent appointment for an ultra sound scan at Kings College Hospital and for an intravenous pyelogram. It actually took a couple of weeks to get these appointments organised. I escorted Saida to the hospital. When she was called in for the scan I had to wait in the visitor’s room. I became slightly concerned when after an hour she still did not make an appearance. Half an hour later it was such a comfort when a nurse called my name loudly and came and told me that Saida would join me soon. I must say that the Consultants and the Doctors were very good to Saida. It also helped when they realized that Saida was a nurse working in one of the Departments. When she joined me I observed that there was no joy on her face. Although the doctors could not find anything seriously wrong with her she still had a chronic pain. For some reason and I do not know why I did this, I decided to take her to McDonald’s for a hamburger sandwich. Although I am sure she did not have any appetite to eat this meal given the pain she was in, thankfully she obliged. Although most people would have told me that the proper thing I should have done was to bring her back home. The Doctors scan report should have comforted her but it actually made it far worse for Saida, for she was more troubled now as to why this unbearable pain was still persisting. One must also take into consideration that for so many years Saida was involved in the medical field and she had already witnessed many people dying from various ailments. (I must place it in brackets here that I had the same problem with our friend Valerie too, for she has worked as a Dietitian for so many years in medical wards). I suddenly remember one particular patient aged about 16 years that Saida was taking care of. When this patient talked about her unbearable pain, Saida realised that it was a similar pain to hers in the same area. This did not help at all and the Doctors gave this particular patient only a few months to live, for it was an aggressive form of cancer. Now going back to McDonald’s I began to receive this healing word for Saida. I shared this word with her, but I could see that she had some reservations about my word. I felt I could not push it anymore but whenever the pain arose acutely I would share this word with her and miraculously her pain would ease.

Sometimes the pain would come in the early hours of the morning and she would feel that it was totally unfair to wake me up and disturb my sleep. For I had already established a routine of waking up quite early in the morning to pray. Saida fully awake would bear with awful pain and wait until she knew that I was not in a deep sleep as she had the conviction that I had the answer for her acute pain. What baffled me is that when I shared the word Saida would have her doubts. It was a profound dilemma, a contradiction in its extremity, a paradox that I could not resolve. What a conundrum!
For she knew and could not reconcile that when Valerie partook of the word I gave her all her lumps disappeared. Once Saida knew that I was in a light sleep she would gently stir me and in a whisper she would tell me, "Anton, Anton I am in pain." So I spontaneously in my receding slumber would give her the same word that I shared at the McDonald’s restaurant. Given the pain, she would receive this word and then I would proceed to pray for her and the pain would subside. At times Saida would show me her white nursing uniform and there was a discoloured area which had a pronounced mark where she had been rubbing to ease the pain. Sharp observers would have noticed this mark on her pristine well ironed uniform.

There might be the curious who would certainly like to know what the stumbling block was that seemed to be preventing Saida from receiving the word, getting delivered and receiving total restoration. I believe this goes back to the day she arrived in the United Kingdom from East Africa. When she arrived here she observed at a very sensitive and tender age that the local populace were not too enthused to receive immigrants from abroad. She was accepted at one of the top much sought after Grammar Schools in North London which was noted for its academic excellence. Saida noticed that she was the only Asian in the class, the rest being Caucasians. One of the first debating points that was discussed in her class was this proposition, “Is Enoch Powell, MP, correct in his summary that all immigrants should be repatriated back to their country of origin.” Saida once told me that she did not know where to hide her face and she wished the ground would open up and swallow her. For she realised that most of her classmates agreed with Enoch Powell who was then the Conservative Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West. This lecture he presented is now famously referred to as, "The Rivers of Blood speech." It was a talk about the influx of immigrants to the British Isles and its future negative consequences and why the anti-discrimination legislation in the United Kingdom needed to be scrutinised.

When on one Easter Sunday our Lord graciously manifested His Presence to her. This was a real encounter for she had to testify of this visitation to her family and bear the repercussions! After she had surrendered her life to Jesus there was one issue that was not yet resolved. It was the racial issue that first surfaced at her school. She decided that the only way she was going to be accepted and befriended by most of the local Christians was to highly esteem them and thereby receive in a reverential manner every counsel and advice given to her. The problem here was that after she married me and observed my lifestyle she realised that the majority of the so called Godly words these people gave her did not come through the funnel of prayer and intercession. She only discerned this when she got her own prayer foundation right in connecting to God directly. This is when she received spiritual enlightenment that the majority of their words did not come from the Throne Room of Jesus or the prayer realm of the Holy of Holies. This background story explains why Saida could not instantly receive my word as she was still working through the consequences of her past experiences!

As the years progressed Saida would begin to have more confidence with the healing words I was giving her. On one occasion in the year 2000 we were in our new house we had just bought at Cippenham, near Windsor. After attending a Church service Saida informed me that she was not well and she was going to lie down. Once she did this she did not want to get up again, for she found her symptoms eased laying down. Our friend Valerie at times during the week used to stay on her own in this beautiful modern house as it was nearer to her work place. One day she saw someone on television who was known to all of us. She felt prompted to video this programme for the sole purpose to show me one day. When I realised that Saida was not going to get out of bed I knew I had to do something. Suddenly like a flash I heard this healing word coming to me that Saida ought to watch this video and to repeat a few words after me and our Lord assured me that this pain would ease. When I shared this with Saida I felt she was saying to herself that I was speaking utter nonsense. I begged her to trust me and after much lengthy persuasion she agreed. So I walked her slowly down the staircase to the front of the television set. The children were all there and they were watching all this drama being played out and and Valerie was observing too- sort of conducting a watching brief on proceedings! Just suffice to say that Saida knew these people very well whom we were going to watch on the video who held a paralysing unhealthy influence on her life, in fact a tight suffocating hold. As the video was running I asked Saida to repeat some words after me, in summary just to cut off all connections with these people. As she said it her body became strong again and the symptoms began to ease off. She began to feel so good that she decided to prepare an evening meal for all of us. In a sense all this helped me for Saida began to develop more acceptance with all the healing words I was receiving. Finally in 2007 the main thrust of the pain left her. Glory Be to God! Although at times she has to stand firm and latch on to the word I gave her. For she does admit something about this word brings deliverance and healing. The remarkable transformation here is the immense progression that has taken place regarding Saida totally trusting in my prophetic healing words. Even promotion, I would call it exaltation has come her way. She is now a Junior Sister in a very modern paediatric ward in a well known teaching hospital in London. This means she will now be attending another course at King's College, University of London, 2009, something she would not have anticipated or visualised. There is an interesting conversation talking place at our home. The National Health Service is the main employer for Saida and Valerie. The question is often asked who is the main employer for Anton? The answer which I share with our children is, God The Father. Their response is that this is rather unusual, given the fact that Saida is now a Nursing Sister, Valerie, a Senior Dietitian, Paul a qualified Actuary (A Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, England). After graduating from Cambridge, Imperial College, London and a short course at Oxford University, and Jannine a budding Barrister (an undergraduate now at St. Johns College, Cambridge). Its so refreshing to note given the arduous challenges we confronted, to see both our children being accepted into the Russell Group Universities or the equivalent of the Ivy league. Yet they know when they observe Mum now free of pain, that no amount of money or education could have bought this deliverance!!! It's on occasions like this that the preaching machine within me gets triggered. So my close dear family become my congregation. I have to remind them we are just recipients from our Lord. All our blessings including financial prosperity come from our Lord. We must be good stewards in accordance to Luke 16 Verse 1 & 2.

Incidently we conducted a special Holy Spirit training school at home. This school commenced at a very tender age. Dad and Mum told Paul and Jannine that it would be called‘The School of Excellence and Well Being’. The curriculum would produce champions. It commenced with both our children writing out neatly some verses from the Bible and then they read the verses loudly like a professional newscaster. We gave them practice runs to make sure that people from all over the world would be able to understand every word they uttered. We actually got some accolades from their teachers. They testified that they are convinced that most of their academic success came from what they learnt at home. We also taught our children the basics of English, Maths and General Knowledge.

After all these years I would never have forethought that I would have a gracious appearance of Jesus Christ in a three dimensional open vision in July 1979. This visitation further drastically changed the course and pattern of our lives. It is fascinating how one’s life can twist and change. After Jesus appeared to me I went into my own wilderness experience, moving into deep solitude and meditated constantly on Biblical verses until they metamorphosed into my being.

The hunger to get to know our Lord Jesus was daily getting stronger. I remember once sitting quietly alone in St James the Great Church, Peckham Rye, London, SE 15, England.The 3rd April 1993 is a date that will be remembered for ever.My mind for a moment was distracted in wanting to follow my own ambitions and desires to pursue a successful banking career.I sensed the voice of Our Heavenly Father ministering and instructing me, “Why don’t you Anton, pursue my Son Jesus, and pursue Him intensely?" From that day on I decided to pursue this instruction meticulously. I came back home and took every single text book, magazine and notes relating to my potential banking career.I placed them neatly in a black garbage bag and threw them away.

It was a surreal moment for me to actually witness the dustmen coming to collect my treasured prized possessions and dump them with the neighbours rubbish.

From my top floor window I meditated on the context of the scriptural verse from Philippians Chapter 3 verse 7- 'But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. Philippians 3 verse 8 b-----'I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ'. From then henceforth my challenging spiritual journey commenced.

This needs to be said that I did pass most of my core banking papers.

Banking Diploma

To those who thought we were on an impossible wild goose chase speaking a meaningless faith talk devoid of reality or results may these following words speak for themselves.For only God the Father could have made the impossible possible.
‘Let the excellence of the above story be our protest.’

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We want to acknowledge our Lord's blessings on this website. It was blessed and inaugurated officially on 1 August 2002. 

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