A Reverential, deeply moving Prayer Vigil. Watch the You Tube video below.

On Saturday 18th September 2010, we attended the much needed Prayer Vigil at Hyde Park, London. Between 8 pm and 8-30 pm, darkness had fallen and most of the 80,000 congregants assembled were on their knees, heads bowed in solemn prayer on the grass in Hyde Park. In devotion and reverence this Hymn was sung, “Lead Kindly Light”.

Watch the video below and prayerfully observe on how strong the impartation of the Holy Ghost is. Do check it out and see whether the sweet Presence of the Holy Ghost touches you! You can only know through viewing the video. It surely will, for moments of this nature are very rare.

The Hymn below, Lead Kindly Light radiates a Heavenly fragrance. A love song despatched to Heaven!

Prayer meetings of this nature are mandatory.

Prophetic vision shared in Malaysia. The country of my birth. Referencing the 2010 prophecy.

To read the 2014 prophecy, press this LINK: We need the Holy Ghost.

Do watch this video of Anton speaking on YouTube showing exactly what was, in preparation, prophetically and strategically shared about The Holy Ghost at the gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. View why he received their rapt attention. The first segment of the video is shown below.

A portion of the 2010 prophetic word is cited within the video. READ the whole prophecy here. TO VIEW the remaining three segments please follow this link .

A special prayer meeting.
Main Speaker, Pastor Edmund Chan from Singapore.

Mark 11 v 17
And as he taught them, he said, "Is it not written: 'My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations'

Last Tuesday, (2003) we had already planned and wanted to go for a prayer meeting being held in central London. The problem was that we had to wait for our daughter Jannine to come back from her hockey game. She was playing for her school and we did not feel it right at all to stop her from playing . Thank God she played ,for her school, St. Dunstan's' College, Lewisham drew with the other school called FASH, which was a very competitive game.

By the time Jannine came back we knew we would be late for the prayer meeting. The meeting commenced at 7-30pm. Our watch showed it was 7-45pm.It would take us about one hour by car to get to the prayer meeting. So it sounded a bit ludicrous to go for the meeting, but we felt very, very troubled and restless. We saw ourselves getting dressed up and rushing up for the meeting.

Oh, we were so glad we did not respond to our natural thinking and common sense. For all the occurrences and facts of the day spoke to us that we should not go for the meeting.( Oh, help us Father God to be always sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Ghost).

We arrived there at about 8-35pm, which means we were 1 hour and five minutes late. The congregation were still praying and the prayer session was just coming to an end. What excited and exhilarated my spirit was what happened next. A Pastor from Singapore was invited to come forward to the platform and address the crowd. When he spoke one could discern that he was a man of prayer. I am sure you must have extracted by now from my daily readings that I am very much drawn to have fellowship with people who are saturated and soaked with a praying spirit. Obviously my wife knows this fact. So we bravely went forward to invite the Pastor and his whole family to come and have fellowship and a meal with us. It was good news that yesterday he confirmed his whole family have accepted our invitation. We are looking forward to hearing prayer testimonies from him and his wife. Oh, thank the Heavenly Father we went for the meeting, albeit we were very late for the meeting.

It’s a story line like this that turns a failure into a spiritual success. We must never, never be distracted by natural reasoning. Just imagine for a moment that we did not attend this meeting, we would have completely missed out from being ministered to by this Pastor and his family. Further more, would we have bypassed hearing a vital, life sustaining message through this Pastor?

It’s a case story and a scenario like this, that we need to apply and put into practise the following scriptures:

1 Thessalonians 5 v 11
Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another, just as you are doing.

Ephesians 5 v 19
Speak out to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, offering praise with voices and instruments] and making melody with all your heart to the Lord,

Colossians 3 v 16
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God

Oh! What a Saviour we serve!

Edmund Chan

On 29th of November 2003, Reverend Pastor Edmund Chan and his family accepted our invitation and came to our home. We had a wonderful prayer and sharing fellowship with him, his wife Ann and his two daughters, Amanda and Belicia. Before he left, he presented me with two books, one of them entitled, Growing Deep in God, (Integrating Theology and Prayer). Pastor Edmund Chan is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church, 10, Jelapang Road, Singapore 677740.

Within the front cover of this book, he inserted the following words:

Dear Anton & Saida,

“Life without God is a contradiction of terms! For without God life is spiritually barren, essentially meaningless, philosophically sterile and ultimately futile. Therefore - Let’s Grow Deep in God!!”

In Him,

Edmund Chan

2 Corinthians 5:7 - A short but powerful verse!!

His testimonies really encouraged us, by sharing with us how millions of dollars came in from different quarters to build his church, debt free!!! Glory Be To God. Some of these testimonies sounded awesome. It was very encouraging to hear that most of these testimonies came from a biblical background, for example following the Principle of tithes and offerings.

(Press Here to read my exciting daily reading to clarify tithes & offerings)

This is short excerpt from his marvelous book: ‘There is no better way to learn about prayer than to pray. Prayer is not merely what we say to God but what the Holy Spirit inspires in our hearts to lift up before the throne of God. That is why I often begin my prayers with “Lord, lay upon my heart the things that are upon yours.”

(Just suffice to say that it was in July/ August 1995 that we last visited Singapore. Our family were blessed to stay in the Singapore Hilton for a week- a very comfortable stay. Anton had the privilege to preach in a Church there. He remembers that the majority of the congregation were from the Sindhi community. To Anton's memory the Sindhi's had an anointing to create successful businesses.)

This is an excerpt of what he preached. If you have a minute to spare do listen to it. The title is 'In memory of my dear mother, Theresa Jeyamani Nicholas'

BBC Broadcast Live Telecast. View below what happened to me during the live telecast.

" There was a specific occasion on 23rd May 2010 when we sensed a sweet overflowing Presence of the Holy Spirit during the live national broadcast of the BBC service. Amazingly without any prompting or prearranged scenario, the highly trained and skilled BBC crew, comprising 5 cameras, caught me during this divinely arranged moment and I was so thankful that I managed to control my tears from pouring forth. View the You Tube production and see whether you can discern the moment on the video when the Presence of the Holy Ghost touched me."

We all need to practice praying in order to become prayer warriors!

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