I decided to attend a very large Charismatic Conference where I was ministered to by the excellent teaching, praise and worship. It will fascinate you to read what happened to me after I left the meeting and how total strangers came to my rescue.

Finally after a 20 year break two members of my family will be attending Faith Camp 2014, at Peterborough Arena in The East of England Showground,Cambridgeshire.

We have been following the teaching of Pastor Colin Urquhart over so many years now. He excites us towards revival and how to pray passionately. He is the founder of Kingdom Faith.Our first visit to Faith Camp was in Summer 1984. We first met the late Reverend Bob Gordon in 1984 with the prospect of joining Kingdom Faith Bible School.

We were in the Eastern part of England, attending Faith Camp 1994.

One evening, I left my family resting at a high rated 5 star hotel and I decided to attend the evening charismatic meeting on my own, which was held in a big tent. The tent was about 3 to 4 miles from where we were staying. It was during those days when we did not use our car and relied on Public Transport. The location where we were staying was in the countryside so this meant that the transport was not brilliant. So I decided to walk to the conference. Given the fact that the sun was still bright, I felt confident and secure to walk in this unknown place. My walk to the conference tent took me along some farm roads. Thankfully, I managed to find the tent where the conference was taking place. AS a guess, I would say there were about 3000-4000 people sitting in the tent. The praise and worship was moving and inspiring.The preaching of the Word of God was electrifying and challenging, followed by miraculous signs and wonders.

When the meeting came to an end I had to make my way back to the hotel. As I left the tent an idea suddenly bloomed that maybe I should ask someone from the gathering, to give me a lift. My eyes were transfixed on an elderly couple who were driving a grand car. I ran towards them and asked them very kindly whether they could give me a lift to the hotel. They said sure and asked me to jump in and I joyfully responded.

There is something I need to mention here, a particular aspect in my life, where the Holy Ghost is still working.Although I must say there has been a tremendous improvement since 1994--- it’s to do with my sense of location.( I need a gifting in Geography or Map reading!).

I mentioned the name of the hotel to the couple, but neither of them knew its whereabouts. At that moment they were actually more concerned about locating the exact wave length of a Christian radio broadcast that was being relayed from the camp.

Guess what they did? They dumped me near a big round about and asked me to find my way back to the hotel. I was completely lost. The only salvation was that I could still hear the singing from the camp site. So I decided to follow where the singing was coming from. I got dreadfully lost. I found myself in pitch darkness.(No mobile phones in 1994). The only time I could see anything was when a car passed by. The head lights of the cars showed me that I was, surrounded by trees and wild hedges. I tried to wave down a couple of cars, but they were reluctant and too frightened to stop.Sometimes I wonder whether I would have stopped had I seen a stranger in the middle of a very dark road. It would have needed an authentic Word from God The Holy Ghost to stop. I gave up on trying to stop these cars as I felt it was a waste of time. Suddenly, out of the blue, a horrible presence of fear attacked me viciously. I remembered a very sad newspaper article which I had recently read in the Sunday Times. The contents of the article overwhelmed me with fear. I remembered the headline, “ Where do you come from my lovely”. It was referring to the body of a young beautiful lady who was discovered in a ditch just outside the Lincolnshire village of Coleby. The police noted that she had been severely beaten before she was dumped in the ditch, but apparently she had not died immediately as the blows rained down. Death came several hours later from aspiration pneumonia due to her injuries and from lying face-down. The presence of fear overwhelmed me. My mouth was parched, my hands were clammy and my heart beat very fast.

I heard the sound of many footsteps. I was also very aware of ditches all around me. Remember the whole surroundings were in complete darkness. A car came along. From the car lights I noticed there were three young men coming my way. I did not like the look of them. A few words came forth from my mouth, “ Oh, Jesus, please do not let them see me”! Thank God the Presence of God blinded them and they did not see me. It was during this juncture that the Holy Ghost must have known that my being could not take any more tension. For all kind of thoughts were swirling inside me. For one moment I felt I would not see my family again. For the second time I heard some voices. I tried to look at the direction they were coming from. At the same time praying a thought into fruition that a car might come along. For I needed the car lights to see who these people were. My prayer was answered instantly. As the lights flashed from the car, I observed that there were two young men riding their bicycles along this road. I was so glad to see them and so excited to see their complexion as they were similar to me. I saw them as friendly. I ran towards them and I told them that I was so happy to see them. I said that I was completely lost in this 'jungle area' and could they please help me to find my way back to the hotel. Blessed be the Name OF Jesus, they helped me. In all my excitement I forgot to ask them their names. Later on I was wondering what on earth they were doing in this place of darkness? Were they angels sent by our Lord to help me! I was so glad to see my family again.

Isaiah 58 v 9-11
Then you will call, and the LORD will answer;
you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.
"If you do away with the yoke of oppression,
with the pointing finger and malicious talk,
and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness,
and your night will become like the noonday.
The LORD will guide you always;
he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

I have joined the Twitter Club and will now be tweeting @AntonNicholas1 Do joyfully follow and track my tweets and may you be blessed!

How did two individuals from different continents with contrasting backgrounds, join together in Holy Matrimony?

Our honeymoon was a very generous wedding gift from these kind people, the Rev. Michael and June Barling and the late Helen Clarke. When we knew Michael he was then the acting Vicar at St Marks Church, Kennington whilst Nicholas was on his sabbatical leave. Michael was also the former Principal of School of Ministry at Kingdom Faith, Horsham. He is presently the Chairman of Kingdom Faith Church Trust.

Anton was an orthodox, ultra-conservative, true blue Roman Catholic, a faithful early morning daily communicant. Since the age of 5 family prayer was a daily occurrence. Jesus had to appear personally in a three dimensional open vision for Anton to receive a Heavenly assurance to marry an evangelical Christian. Do view the  video below  to witness how the narrative in the vision came to fulfilment. Ever since then their lives took on an unexpected course. Hear and view the prophetic word proclaimed to Anton & Saida by the Rev. Father Michael Gwinnell and the late Rev. Canon Nicholas Rivett -Carnac, the former Vicar of St. Marks Church, Kennington.

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A Solemn Word for 2015.

Please prepare spiritually now - 26th May 2014.

Do view the two short videos to be posted soon (August 2014) pertaining to the above, 2015 Word.
It will encourage you on how to be ready.It is compelling viewing.

Once again another tragic news:17th July 2014 regarding Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.Plane was carrying 295 people,crashed in East Ukraine on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur,amid allegations it was shot down.

On many an occasion we have travelled directly from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur International Airport,(Sepang) Malaysia on MAS flights.Malaysia is my country of birth; therefore it has a tender spot in my heart. I completed my Primary and Secondary education there.

Check out the Prophecy Page Here.

We attended the last Mission to London organised by Morris Cerullo at Earl's Court Arena 2, August 2014.

Mission to London

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