Prophecy 2015 onwards

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Do view the video below and you will see why many have taken an interest.

You will also observe that Jon and Beth Tearne are leading the Worship and Praise in this video in Malaysia.

They were formerly on the staff of All Saints Church Peckham.

Our families need to be preserved and protected.
Video pasted below.

It will help you on how to prepare for the year 2015: It will encourage you on how to be ready. It is compelling viewing of only 6 Minutes.

Luke Chapter 18 verse 8b: "But when the Son of Man (Jesus) returns, how many will He find on the earth who have faith?"

We pray that we will remain steadfast and faithful to the end. Pray that we will be a sweet fragrance to Jesus.

A Reverential, deeply moving Prayer Vigil. Watch the You Tube video below.

On Saturday 18th September 2010, we attended the much needed Prayer Vigil at Hyde Park, London. Between 8 pm and 8-30 pm, darkness had fallen and most of the 80,000 congregants assembled were on their knees, heads bowed in solemn prayer on the grass in Hyde Park. In devotion and reverence this Hymn was sung, “Lead Kindly Light”.

Watch the video below and prayerfully observe on how strong the impartation of the Holy Ghost is. Do check it out and see whether the sweet Presence of the Holy Ghost touches you! You can only know through viewing the video. It surely will, for moments of this nature are very rare.

The Hymn below, Lead Kindly Light radiates a Heavenly fragrance. A love song dispatched to Heaven!

Prayer meetings of this nature are mandatory.

A visit from a Prince. His Royal Highness actually cracked a joke with our friend Mavis.

We were thrilled to note that on 21st July 2010, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles (Prince of Wales) and his entourage came personally to All Saints Church, Peckham.

Mavis meets Prince Charles He greeted and thanked our intercessor and dear friend Mavis Britton for standing firm and preserving this Church. Apparently Prince Charles was thrilled to hear the personal story about how these four ladies of faith stood against all odds and won a great victory in resisting formidable pressures to demolish the Church.

Thank God, British Royalty recognised your good work, Mavis. The dream you had all those years ago in the beautiful West Indies finally came to pass that one day you would meet up with Royalty. Thank the Lord! When His Royal Highness asked Mavis who the villain was in reference to all these obstacles, her reply brought forth gregarious, uproarious laughter.

Introduction of Vicar and his family. (2011)

The Vicar of All Saints Church, Peckham is The Reverend Jonathan Mortimer.He is married to Ruthli and they have two children.

We attended the Institution and the Induction, 7th July 2011. We were impressed by the sermon delivered by the current Bishop of Southwark,The Right Reverend Christopher Chessun.

So refreshing that the current Bishop of Southwark actually believed in the words of Matthew 10 verses 5 -15, even citing a true to life example that he was invited to come to King’s College Hospital on this induction day to pray for an individual who was seriously injured in a car accident and who had died twice. He also quoted an example of his very own dear identical twin brother being ministered to by a healing team. Three cheers to the Bishop.

Incidentally do Press the LINK here to read Anton's response to the sermon preached by the  Rt. Honourable Dr. Richard Chartres, the current Bishop of London at the Royal wedding. Brethren our prayers were answered. The Bishop's opening words were: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."

BBC Broadcast Live Telecast. View below what happened to me during the live telecast.

Imagine this (do read below) the BBC television are coming to do a “Live” national broadcast of the Sunday morning service at All Saint’s Church, Peckham on Pentecost Sunday, 23 May 2010. It will be zoomed into the exosphere from 10 to 11 am. If you are watching the TV service , you might spot our family sitting at our usual pew at the back. We fellowshipped at All Saints for about 13 years.

There is a double bonus here in that the BBC will also be recording two further programmes on two consecutive evenings for 'Songs of Praise.' Local Churches and charities have been invited to reveal the life and soul of Peckham. All this is happening in a church where a few years ago the bulldozers were coming in to demolish it!! We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father that the anointed prayer uttered for more than 5000 days (see below) will come to fruition on Pentecost Sunday 23rd May 2010.

We are delighted to report that within 24 hours since the live BBC broadcast went on air (10 till 11 am, Sunday 23rd May 2010) this webpage has already received 124 new visitors from all over the United Kingdom and a few from Europe. We pray that the contents brought each visitor closer to our Lord. We are observing that fresh visitors are still browsing and arriving at our website. The Pentecost Festival with its Director, Andy Frost was also directly involved with this live BBC 1 broadcast on Sunday morning The media who track audience participation are reporting that over a million viewers watched the broadcast.

" There was a specific occasion on 23rd May 2010 when we sensed a sweet overflowing Presence of the Holy Spirit during the live national broadcast of the BBC service. Amazingly without any prompting or prearranged scenario, the highly trained and skilled BBC crew, comprising 5 cameras, caught me during this divinely arranged moment and I was so thankful that I managed to control my tears from pouring forth. View the You Tube production and see whether you can discern the moment on the video when the Presence of the Holy Ghost touched me."

Songs of praise

This was the programme that many of our friends reported they saw us on this BBC Songs of Praise Service. View it and you will certainly know why we attended this service.The final episode from Peckham was broadcast on Sunday 13th Feburary 2011. Titled 'Urban Hope'.

Prophetic vision shared in Malaysia. The country of my birth. Referencing the 2010 prophecy.

To read the 2015 prophecy, press this LINK: We need the Holy Ghost.

Do watch this video of Anton speaking on YouTube showing exactly what was, in preparation, prophetically and strategically shared about The Holy Ghost at the gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. View why he received their rapt attention. The first segment of the video is shown below.

A portion of the 2010 prophetic word is cited within the video. READ the whole prophecy here. TO VIEW the remaining three segments please follow this link . After preaching the anointed Word, Anton laid hands and prayed for the people in need. We were grateful for the Presence of The Holy Ghost.

Do watch the video and we pray as you are viewing that the healing power of the cross of Jesus will touch you personally.

All Saints' Church, Peckham. Saturated through praying for more than 5000 days.

As a family we moved to stay in Peckham in June 1986.Our Lord brought about a miraculous provision of a three storey house. In 2003 we moved out after staying in Peckham for a period of 17 years. I would like to relate a story here of what happened to a particular Anglican church in Peckham, I used to pass, without fail, most days.

This means for more than 5000 days , commencing June 1986 I passed this church. Every single time I passed this church, a sudden prayer burden, which for some reason or other took residence in my spirit, came forth for this dilapidated church. It was like a burning sensation for it came spontaneously. I could not control this feeling and I had to utter a heart cry. My prayer words would follow this pattern, 'Father God, what about the people in this area, would it not be wonderful if all the people in the neighbourhood here are drawn to All Saints, Church, Peckham.' (Recently someone told me that the official name of this church is All Saint’s, Camberwell) My prayer would then continue on this theme, 'Initiate a revival Father, let it commence, Father God, draw in the people, Father. El- Shaddai ignite the flame of The Holy Ghost on this church.' ( Updated: What a God- incidence that the BBC are coming on Pentecost Sunday(2010) to conduct a Live Broadcast).

It also happened when I caught my train to go to work; the platform I needed to be on directly faced the church. I now had this real visual image directly facing me. I would have countless other matters bothering me, and believe me there were a few issues that were a challenge. I was forced to look at the church again right in front of me, one could not avoid it. My prayer burden began to get resuscitated again. The Godly peace only came back to me after I had uttered this God injected prayer. This prayer has been uttered out since 1986. So, for more than 5000 days, the Heaven's throne room was bombarded with these prayers just for this specific church.

I must confess that there were some occasions I went inside this church, just to check out the surroundings. If I say I went in to “spy”, it might be a strong terminology. I remember one Christmas day, 25th December 1991; I went along with our son, Paul to attend the service. I was astounded to see that there were just about 12 to 14 people there. The amazing thing was that they did not meet in the church but in the hall. I felt very uneasy, for no one really welcomed me. For in all my life, I have never been into a church where there was only this number of people on a Christmas day, but this visit actually enhanced and motivated me to pray all the more effectively.

Slowly but steadily I saw some “fruit” taking formation, i.e. an answer to prayer. One morning I saw a group of people there I recognised. They were a bunch of YWAMers, (Youth With A Mission). The couple who were leading this group were people I knew, John and Molly Beddingfield. I managed to speak to John who told me that they were starting a school there. We knew this couple because our son Paul attended a Pre-school run by them. This was part of a Christian school, where the Beddingfield children were attendees. Just as an addendum I need to mention here that two of their children are now big time celebrities, Daniel and Natasha Beddingfield, their songs are now top chart hits in the British Isles. I have been told through a reliable source that one famous song is named, “If you're not the one.” It's just a good point to note that the parents of the two well known celebrities pioneered a Christian Primary school within the precincts of All Saints, Peckham. It has been announced that Daniel Bedingfield's debut album, "Gotta Get Thru," has apparently sold close to 3 million copies world-wide. We convey our congratulations to the family!!!

It was exciting to see that there was activity in this church, like a dead Lazarus being raised up. Would you believe me if I tell you this, that after all these years of praying for this church, we as a family are now attending this church regularly. It’s only when we joined the church we realised there were also a group of six dynamic ladies, real prayer intercessory warriors who were voicing a similar prayer burden to mine. Praise God. Through their prayers they made sure they stopped the bulldozers from demolishing the Church!

There is one factor that still puzzles me!! God The Holy Ghost planted a burden in me to pray for the resurrection of All Saints, but yet He did not coax or encourage me to go inside the church and fellowship with the small group of Believers meeting every Sunday. There was nothing I could do to eradicate, eliminate, wipe or wash away this prayer burden. Maybe the answer lies in the churches The Holy Ghost took us to, for example as a family we grew spiritually at Trinity Baptist church, West Norwood. (Please press this link to read my daily reading of day 28: view a photo of Anton standing alongside Pastor Kingsley) We want to say a sincere thank you to Pastor Kingsley Appiagyei for letting me share his pulpit. I still remember the day when he gave me the platform to preach at both the main morning services to a congregation of more than a thousand people. I was also thoroughly blessed and challenged when he requested of me to lead some Friday evening prayer meetings. I still recollect the day when I was asked to pray for Rev. Opanin who was critically ill at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, South London, to literally raising our dear Reverend from the death bed. It was at the West Norwood church that our son Paul was asked to come forward and it was the well known world Evangelist Robert Kayanja who spoke a prophetic word to Paul publicly. Incidentally Robert Kayanja is one of the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu’s younger, (natural) brother. Two mighty champions winning souls for the Kingdom of God. Robert Kayanja is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral in Kampala- Uganda, founded in 1988. His church's 10,500-seat sanctuary is filled four times for Sunday services and once on Friday night for a service primarily geared for troubled youth, with over 1000 branch churches. To Archbishop Sentamu we say that we will remember our friendship with you when you were the Vicar of Holy Trinity Church in Balham, South London with great fondness. Some pleasant and loving memories cannot be forgotten!!! The Archbishop of York is the second most important prelate in the Church of England. This is indeed a very senior and prime position. Be assured of our prayers, Your Grace.

During our time at Kingsway International Christian Centre all the positive and Faith building messages delivered by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo bore much fruit in our lives. We could observe from regularly attending the church services that we were one of the first families from an Indian background who worshipped at KICC. We came faithfully every Sunday morning. When time permits I still listen to his sermons delivered on Christian television channels and participate with his more than 5000 church members on their First Friday half night of prayer meetings when I sit and pray in front of the "live" television programme, telecast directly from KICC between 2 am and 4 am.

To Pastor Chua Wee Hian of Emmanuel Evangelical church, Marsham Street, Westminster, we want to express that we thoroughly felt at home in your church. It just reminded me of Home Sweet Home, Malaysia. The food catered for after the service was delicious. Both our children thoroughly enjoyed the children's church. Thank you! To Pastors Dave Markee and Nigel Hamilton of Folly's End Church in Croydon, we thank God that we were in your church during the period when The Holy Spirit was doing a great stirring at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Canada and we also shared with the overflow of your friendship with John and Carol Arnott, especially when they came to preach in your church. Notwithstanding the fact that it was during this time we went to Malaysia and Singapore to lead prayer meetings in different churches. All this helped in our own spiritual growth. Glory Be To God!

Between August 1994 and June 1995 we were inspired by the sermons of Dr. R. T. Kendall at Westminster Chapel. Our family ended up there due to a book I was reading titled, “D. Martyn Lloyd- Jones, The Fight Of Faith 1939-1981,” by Iain H. Murray, 795 pages. Reading books were not my favourite repertoire unlike our children who devoured them. I remember our son Paul finished reading most of the books (at his reading age), borrowed from the Dulwich Library. Unlike him I spent my free time listening to the radio more particularly Radio 4. So when I refer to a book it must be particularly stimulating. It was the moving contents of this particular book that saw our family sitting in the posh pews of modern Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6B. I saw myself making notes as Dr Kendall was preaching. Something compels one to write notes when Dr Kendall preaches! When opportunities arose we did have some in-depth spiritual conversations with him and his wife Louise.

There is a particular story in Dr. Lloyd- Jones book that is deeply moving and touching. This chapter is referred to as “Dying-------He Worshipped” He was an ardent and devoted reader of M’Cheynes calendar for daily bible readings. One of the last verses he read before he departed was, “As for me, I will behold thy Face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness” ( Psalm 17:15) These lines are engraved in my spirit. I was surprised to find out that my wife Saida as a young teenager went to Westminster Chapel to hear this grand man of God speak and preach-- Dr. Lloyd Jones. She remembers the theme was about the Holy Spirit. She says the Chapel was crowded and she had to sit in the balcony to hear his talk. She also attended Kensington Temple during the time that Eric Delve was the evangelist. Amazingly enough years later, in fact in the year 2000, we ended up during the summer of that year going all the way to Maidstone, Kent. St Luke’s Church is the present Church of Reverend Eric Delve who from being a Pentecostal preacher he is now an ordained Anglican priest. His form of welcoming was so uniquely warm and new that we had never experienced before. He obviously observed we were new to his Church so he came away from the pulpit and gave each member of our family a very warm greeting publicly. ( My question is : Why are the new ordained ministers not taught this gesture during their training at their Theological Colleges/ Seminaries????) Rev. Eric Delve now organizes the Detling Summer Conference. When we visited his Church, the Reverend Andrew Delaney was the Curate.

Now what can one say to my next statement, that most Wednesday mornings, I wake up at 4-15 am, to get dressed up and organize myself to leave from our present home and drive to Peckham, to attend an early morning prayer meeting commencing at 6-15am, at All Saints church!!!

In 1986, when I first received a prayer burden for this church, I could not have conceived, neither visualised, neither comprehended that I will be getting up at such an hour in the morning to go for a prayer meeting and actually pray for this church, in the same hall they met for a Christmas service, 13 years ago. Glory Be To God!

Now how do I write my next statement, from an original congregation of 12 people, All Saints is becoming Global now. From 2003 till 23rd May 2010 the presiding Vicar was Rev. Frog (Francis) Orr-Ewing assisted by his wife Amy.

I want to say a particular thank you to the Curate, Darren Moore, for the wonderful fellowship we had together, especially the lengthy spiritual, faith building talks we had, just after the early Morning Prayer meetings.

This is an exciting read (with pictures) about what happened on Good Friday in London, England on 22nd March 2008, please do press this link!

Also to Canon Andrew White, the former Vicar of The Ascension Anglican Church, Balham Hill, Balham who was formerly the Director for the Centre of International Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral. He is presently referred to as the Vicar of Baghdad and the Parish Priest of St George's Church, Baghdad, Iraq. We wish to bless you with this statement, to witness how God The Holy Ghost has surely exalted you has certainly inspired us. We first met you as a single man at St. Mark’s Church, Kennington and now God has promoted you to the Prime position of meeting top leaders in the whole wide world. We will also pray that you will be overflowing in Divine health.

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