William Wilberforce

In the year 2007, the World Celebrates the life of antislavery pioneer William Wilberforce, for it's the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. He was born on 24th August 1759 and victoriously departed to be surely, warmly embraced by our Lord Jesus on 29th July 1833.

The United Kingdom need more people of such calibre and integrity. Please pray that God the Father will release more people of such standing! Especially potential members of Parliament. (House of Commons, London, England.) Extend your Hand of Mercy on us, Father God.

Psalm 112:4
Even in darkness light dawns for the upright,
for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.

Nadine Dorries Nadine Vanessa Dorries Member of Parliament Mid Bedfordshire. We are earnestly praying for you.7th September 2011.

Nadine single-handedly tackled and debated the abortion issue in the House of Commons. In doing so she received vile emails and nasty twitter messages. Nevertheless, she did not allow any of this to detract her. We salute this indomitable warrior. Mr. David Cameron, the current British Prime Minister, should be very proud of her and ought to give her his total support.

William Wilberforce

We were blessed to hear Melvin Bragg’s special presentation of his Thursday morning series ‘In our time’. This programme was presented on 22nd February 2007 on BBC Radio 4. For quite a few years now I have heard Melvin Bragg speaking on various programmes and I must state that some of his comments have been quite favourable towards the Christian message which is quite rare among the well known Radio 4 personalities. On this occasion he was speaking about the life and times of William Wilberforce. He commenced his talk around the holy surroundings of Westminster Abbey. Obviously he was aware of the statue of William Wilberforce which is situated nearby. Melvin's discourse was very moving. He reminded us that William Wilberforce was born in Hull. The authorities in the Houses of Parliament privileged Melvin in showing him the original copy of the Act for which this politician and social reformer will always be remembered and treasured. This Bill stopped once and for all one of the most horrible episodes in human history, how some individuals chose to be brutal to their fellow-men------ the transatlantic slave trade.

If you do get an opportunity do please watch the film, Amazing Grace. The film stars Welsh-actor Ioan Gruffudd . He commented that he was very privileged to play the part of William Wilberforce.

Andrew Pelling

n 20th March 2007 I received an e-mail from a member of Parliament, The Honourable Andrew Pelling, MP House Of Commons, London. (Currently 2009, Mr. Pelling is the Independent Member of Parliament for Croydon Central, Surrey)

“While I am in contact with you both, Anton & Saida can I ask you about another matter of important Christian conscience. Indeed, I am seeking your assistance on a matter which is of the highest moral and Christian concern for our local community. This is the issue of modern human trafficking in our part of London.

A Christian community group, with whom I have been working, has been undertaking a lot of activity to combat human trafficking for prostitution. The work done by the Christian community group, (CCAT), has identified thirty-seven brothels in our part of London that use trafficked women. One element of my campaign against this 21st century version of slavery has been to try to persuade our local newspapers to drop their sex industry adverts. I wonder whether I could seek your assistance to do one or indeed all of the following things.

1. To write to the letter pages of the Local Paper or to the Letters Pages Editor--------- expressing your concern about sex industry adverts being in a family newspaper like the-------- to withdraw support for these adverts which exploit women and human trafficked people. I feel that is especially important in the year of the bi-centenary of the legislation from William Wilberforce starting the process of the abolition of slavery.

2) Writing to the Chief Executive--------------,expressing concern that the editor of the newspaper should either be so naive in stating that "We only accept adverts for massage services" that somehow this does not refer to sex industry activities or that he is supportive of exploiting trafficked people and seeking their intervention in getting these adverts removed.

3) Taking the opportunity to make a response on the blog site of the Editor expressing your concern about the sex industry adverts in the newspaper. I think that this is a very important issue for us as all as Christians and I hope that you can help me in this important moral campaign against human slavery. Andrew Pelling

We thank God that on 26th November 2009, Mr. Andrew Pelling did ask a pertinent question to Sir Stuart Bell, The Second Church Estates Commissioner. The Hansard reports the question as, "Whether the Church of England allocates funding for the purposes of assisting persecuted Christian minorities abroad?" [301668]

E-mail received 04 May 2010 22:14 from Westminster 2010- Declaration of Christian Conscience.

Thanks Anton - Andrew Pelling is a good man with a very good parliamentary voting record and is our Gold Star recommendation for Croydon Central.

See https://www.christian.org.uk/mpvotes.php?selection=&value1=166&submit1=SHOW&value2=1

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Prayer makes a difference

James 5:16 (Amplified Bible)
16) The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].

James 5:16 (New Century Version)
16) When a believing person prays, great things happen.

We all need to practise praying in order to become prayer warriors!

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