We are lifting Pastor Dr.Tayo Adeyemi's family to our Living God- Christ Jesus.1st July 2013.(12-38 am) During the month of July / August 2013 this was the most read page on our website.

Sometimes I wonder what the late Dr. Tayo would have thought of the contents on this Prophetic Page. Please press LINK and do read it prayerfully.

On Sunday 30th June 2013 at 2 pm Senior Minister Reverend Pastor Tayo Adeyemi of New Wine Church, Greenwich, passed away. His residence permanently moved to Glorious Heaven.

This information is extracted from the statistics of our Hosting Company,that from 1st January 2013 till June 2014, this page dedicated to the late Pastor Tayo Adeyemi of New Wine Church has been visited and read by over 3550 visitors from all over the world.
We feel blessed that we could tell our own personal story of this man of God on his abiding and long lasting fruitful ministry. He will be remembered.

To those who are grief-stricken and in deep mourning over the departure of Pastor Tayo Adeyemi, if you have a few minutes to spare, please do listen to the anointed hymn, Lead Kindly Light scroll much further below.It will comfort and bring solace to your grieving hearts.It is a promise.

9th November 2014.
Myles & Ruth Ann Munroe

Sad news that an extraordinary Christian inspirational speaker Dr. Myles Munroe tragically died in a plane crash, 9th November 2014 in Nassau,Bahamas. Among the passengers who also died was his dear wife Ruth Ann Munroe. They were enroute to Freeport Grand Bahamas to attend his own Leadership Conference.One of Dr. Munroe's special theme/topic was how to establish the principles of the 'Kingdom of God' on the face of this earth. Some well-known business leaders around that region were expected to attend.We are prayerfully digesting this sorrowful news.

Please do keep your daily prayer and the early morning meditation strong and fresh. Communicate with the Holy Spirit daily.We recommend you to view the 3 minute (2015) video pasted below.

We will keep Bahamas Faith Ministries and the Chairman Dave Burrows in our prayers. We pray that the surviving children of the Munroes’, namely their daughter Charisa and their son Chairo, will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

Quote:‘We’ve lost the visionary, but we haven’t lost the vision. We lost our leaders but we haven’t lost our leadership potential. We lost our mentors, but we haven’t lost the mandate.’

It comforts us to know that over 47,693 viewers of all nationalities have accepted our request to view this video, Lead Kindly Light.

There are also a further 16 video uploads on the ANTONNICHOLAS Channel on YouTube.

This is our latest video referencing the year 2015.It is only 3 minutes long.Seriously engage with this very short video clip for in 2015 the forces of hell want to vent and manifest their fury. It has already commenced. It is not a battle between nations, people, religion or ethnicity. It is actually a vicious battle between Kingdoms. It is Kingdom against Kingdom.

Our families need to be preserved and protected.
Video pasted below.

It will help you on how to prepare for the year 2015: It will encourage you on how to be ready. It is compelling viewing.Only 3 Minutes.Luke Chapter 18 verse 8b: "But when the Son of Man (Jesus) returns, how many will He find on the earth who have faith?" We pray that we will remain steadfast and faithful to the end. Pray that we will be a sweet fragrance to Jesus.

Tayo Adeyemi

Farewell for now, Our Dear Friend, Dr.Tayo Adeyemi until we meet again.

We were privileged to attend the funeral service for Dr Tayo. We got up very early in the morning (23rd August 2013),to show our respect for this anointed man of God. We passed by his body, lying in state, and said a prayer of blessing. We must say that the whole service was very well conducted. We heard snippets of sermons and heavenly gems utterd by Dr Tayo. The ushers were gracious and kind. It was a lovely touch that transport was provided by New Wine ministries between the venues.The reception after the service was well organised. This service will be remembered by us for a long time to come. We were also given a treasured item, a beautifully presented magazine, titled,'A Celebratory Tribute to Dr Tayo Adeyemi 1964 -2013.' You will be able to read important details and highlights of Dr Tayo's life within these 55 pages. Get the magazine and trust us you will treasure it!

There was an impressive line-up of well-known Christian leaders and Pastors attending the funeral service which indicated the prestigious and honourable position that Dr. Tayo held on the international scene. Some of them were called to the stage to pray, prophecy and anoint the newly appointed Senior Pastor for New Wine Church, Greenwich. He is Pastor Michael Olawore.

The Pastoral Roll of Honour included Bishop Francis Wale Oke (The Vice President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria), Pastor Randy Morrison from Speak The Word Church in Minnesota, USA, Dr Creflo Dollar of World Changers International, College Park, Atlanta, Georgia, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Centre-Prayer City in Chatham, Kent, Bishop John Francis of Ruach City Church, Brixton Hill, Brixton, Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Afatha Ministries- Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, Pastor Hugh Osgood - Senior Minister of Cornerstone Christian Centre, The Mall, Bromley, Kent, Dr John Solomon of Miracle Ministry International, Chennai, India and Bishop Joseph Garlington of Covenant Church, Pittsburgh, USA.

In India Dr Tayo sponsored a Lepers Colony in the suburbs of Chennai City. Nearly a 100 people with leprosy were housed and looked after tenderly.Dr Tayo insisted in calling this refuge centre as "Shalom Town".

(31 countries in the world are reporting cases of leprosy. For the past 50 years, the last Sunday in January is remembered as Leprosy Day. Thousand’s throughout the globe are asked to stop and reflect on those who are suffering with this dreadful disease.)

One must also give credit to Muyiwa Olarewaju, who is linked to London Christian Premier Radio, for doing a splendid job as Master of Ceremonies.

An unusual happening: A testimony worth reading. The reception was held in a marquee located near the Royal Artillery Barracks, Repository Road, Woolwich after the funeral service. Some delicious snacks were laid out for us. It was a generous feast and there was abundant food for every individual to enjoy. I must say everything done at New Wine Church brought forth the fruit of Dr Tayo’s teaching that is ‘ Whatever you do in life do it excellently ’.

What happened next was exemplary.
Neither my family nor I realised just how far this spirit of excellence would manifest itself. For in one gallant moment we saw the real, genuine and authentic spirit of Dr. Tayo that has been etched on the members of the congregation. As we were leaving the barracks compound we met some members of the church who were manning the car park. We realised we had to walk back to the nearest railway station to get home. As this kind individual was showing us the route that we ought to take to get to the station someone standing behind us, a total stranger, overheard our conversation. Spontaneously he spoke to us and said, “Look I will ask my family just to stay here whilst I will give you a lift to the station.” This offer went beyond the line of duty. It was an extra ordinary act of love. He invited us to come into his car and dropped us near the station. We want to say to you Dr. Frank that your act of love showed us the true spirit of Dr. Tayo. All his valuable teachings came forth in a practical way. These acts are rare events. Well done Dr. Tayo. May your fruit be long lasting!

Just before we left Greenwich we decided to observe the surroundings and to have cup of tea and a scone at a local shop. As we sat we sensed that there was a tremendous atmospheric change in the spiritual realm located around the area surrounding the premises of the New Wine Church. Most of the people we passed, managed to catch a smile from, or spoke to were pleasant and exuded a nice spirit. This was especially so of those who originally came from West Africa. It was then that we realised that all the prayers, supplications, intercessions and groaning in the Holy Spirit actually have affected the spiritual atmosphere in Greenwich and brought in a Godly influence. This constant strategic prayer from the New Wine church has made a significant impact in the area. Glory be to God for anointed prayer definitely changes the atmosphere and brings a smile to the heart of our Heavenly Father.

Incidentally it is pertinent that we need to mention this sad news here that it was near these barracks,(Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, Southeast London) that a British Army Drummer, Private Lee Rigby, of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was attacked and killed by two men on the afternoon of 22nd May 2013. This horrible murder impacted the whole of the United Kingdom. It is just incredible that a few months later Greenwich witnessed a grand funeral of Pastor Tayo. The spiritual atmosphere at the funeral helped in the healing process.

This current move of our Precious Holy Spirit would have excited Pastor Tayo's tender spirit. He would have loved to be involved with this 2013 outpouring.Given the fact that he has ministered in South East Asia.Pastor Tayo would have been thrilled to know that a Pastor from Singapore,Yang Tuck Yoong, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church has invested financially and spiritually in this historical revival site: Check this out for a Faith booster. Press Link-

(The central spiritual attacks on so many members of the Body of Christ are becoming a prime concern for most of us. Varied spiritual and physical attacks are buffeting us on all fronts. As darkness encroaches, the illustration I am receiving from our Lord is to treat prayer as urgent, like a lifesaving support machine. We have taken heed to this solemn Word and are making steadfastly sure that we are attending at least six prayer meetings a month. We need to keep our families intact, safe and secure in His Presence. Please do make it a central item in your monthly roster to attend a Holy Spirit centred prayer meeting in a church gathering. Your presence will safeguard your life and members of your dear family.So for your own safety, please read more here : Press Link- )

27th July 2013. The New Wine Leadership finally announce the much awaited details regarding the funeral arrangements for a grand sending off of the late Pastor Tayo Adeyemi.

Latest update: 22nd August 2013.(Watch the whole Service of Songs Live on Christian Television Channel 857 - The Inspiration Channel beginning at 6 pm.)

Thanks be to God. The services will also be streamed live. : Press stream live Link- )

It commences with a Service of Songs on 22nd August 2013 at 6 pm.

Venue: Royal Artillery Barracks, Repository Road, Woolwich, London, SE18 4BH

Followed by the funeral Service on 23rd August 2013 at 10-00 am. Many of us attending will be asked to go to the Marquee where there will be seating for 4000 people.Spaces at the church are limited and are only available to those who already have a Pass.

Venue: The Highway, New Wine Church, Gateway House, John Wilson Street, London, SE18 6QQ.

Dr Tayo will also be Lying In State on Friday 23rd August 2013.

Location : The Avenue , New Wine Church, Gateway House, John Wilson Street, London SE18 6QQ between 8 am – 9am.

( Prayer Answered-22nd August 2013.) We are praying that the family will grant permission for the funeral service to be streamed live through the internet. It will be great to witness the sacred service and to hear the life story of this remarkable man of God.

Browse further below about a thriving and lively church in South London that gave out 2,300 Christmas food hampers as gifts to the needy in the area. It is so very appropriate that during this period of economic crisis and credit crunch that this church is doing this kind, Godly deed. The New Wine Church, Gateway House, John Wilson Street, SE.

We did attend Pastor Tayo’s Church occasionally at the beautifully converted cinema in Greenwich.

New Wine Church

He was a great exhorter of the Word of God, preaching and teaching with genuine fervency. In his 48 years he has actually done more than many others in their given life span to promote and expand the Kingdom of God especially in the United Kingdom.

It was during this same period that we also attended two other churches where the Pastors were also feeding us spiritual gems and uplifting sermons. Merit is also given to the Praise and Worship teams who were splendid in drawing in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. These other churches were Trinity Baptist Church, West Norwood, led by Pastor Kingsley Appiagyei and Kingsway International Christian Centre where the Pastor is Reverend Matthew Ashimolowo.

Click here:Pastor Kingsley Appiagyei and his church,Trinity Baptist Church, West Norwood.

Our late dear Mum, Jeyamani Theresa Nicholas would have loved us to sing the anointed Hymn Lead Kindly Light- scroll far below at her funeral. We did give her a grand sending off to be with our Precious Jesus.
Check the photo out: Press Link-

I have joined the Twitter Club and will now be tweeting @AntonNicholas1 Do joyfully follow and track my tweets and may you be blessed!

Watch this video of Anton speaking on YouTube showing exactly what was preciously shared about The Holy Ghost to the gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and why he received their rapt attention.

After preaching the anointed Word, Anton laid hands and prayed for the people in need. We were grateful for the Presence of The Holy Ghost. Do watch the video and we pray as you are viewing that the healing power of the cross of Jesus will touch you personally.

The first segment of the video is shown below. View the remaining three segments here.

For over 13 years Dad (Anton) faithfully prayed and spoke the Word of our Lord aloud (the verses of the bible) every day, together with Jannine. Dad coached her on how to articulate the biblical verses, oozing and speaking them, percolated with the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit. To discern whether Dad has done a successful job, do hear a short rendition of her public reading at All Saints Church, Peckham on 19 July 2009 at the 10 am service: A recording of Jannine reading Psalm 102.

Jannine graduated from St. John's College, University of Cambridge. 2012. Read further here: Jannine

May the United Kingdom be filled with Churches overflowing with the Presence of the Holy Ghost, oh, thank you Jesus.

Matthew 28:16-20
16) Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go.
17) When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.
18) Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
19) Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[ the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
20) and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Oh! It was so exciting to hear live on Christian Premier Radio, on 23rd December 2008 that a thriving and lively church in South London was giving out 2,300 Christmas food hampers as gifts to the needy in the area. It was so very appropriate that during this period of economic crisis, and credit crunch that this church was doing this kind, Godly deed. The Church is led by the Senior Pastor Dr. Tayo Adeyemi of New Wine Church, Gateway House, John Wilson Street, SE 18. They also placed an advertisement in their local paper called The Mercury. I actually heard a local man saying that he read this in the papers and rang up the church office. Apparently people had to fill in a form to enable the Church to decipher and gauge who really were the needy in the area.

This loving action caught the attention of the local media and some dignitaries. These included the Mayor of the Borough Councillor Steve Offord, and the Member of Parliament for the area, The Right Honourable Nick Raynsford for the Constituency of Greenwich and Woolwich.

I thought I heard a price of how much each hamper cost, something to the figure of £40-00 each. The items included various type of Cranbury sauces, mince pies, vegetables, jam bottle, wine, curry pickles, turkey, stuffing’s, potatoes, anointedChristmas pudding and various other goodies. So the total package must have cost the Church £92,000-000. Pastor Tayo also mentioned that most of the expenses for these gifts were met by the Church members. Glory be to God! About 500 church members volunteered to come and package the hampers.

It being a very cold day whilst the local populace were queuing to partake of their packages, they were given mince pies, cookies and hot coffee to keep them warm.

The thousands of commuters who passed this church (located in a main street being a former cinema but now transformed into a brand ultra modern Church) were transfixed and mesmerised by what was happening in front of this church. For they were curious to know why all those people were queuing up!!!

Apparently before they got this idea they knocked at the doors of about 10,000 households, during a four week period to do a research of what the local needs were. They told the enquirers at the door that they wanted to come and serve them and in what appropriate manner could they do this. Through this they found out the needs of the families namely being: a) marriage counselling, b) bereavement counselling, c) employment/work needs and d) youth needs.

I am only citing this story here as part of my daily reading for this Godly deed actually caught my attention. For this was not only a praying church but was also a giving church. Surely the love message behind this generous giving must impact the local community. Anointed love giving always attracts new members to the Church.----Let this be so for this New Wine Church!

I was also further blessed to hear that other churches who are on fire for our Lord are following the fine gesture of this church. Apparently another congregation called Jesus House who meet at Brent Cross, North London gave out about 1800 hampers. This fellowship in North London is led by Pastor Agu. I sense I am observing a common feature that is that they are both interceding churches. They spend a considerable length of time praying, fasting and supplicating before our Lord’s Presence. Pastor Tayo told the radio audience that Jesus House was so impressed by the hamper giving of New Wine Church that they followed their example. Oh, Heavenly Father may more God inspired churches follow the examples of these two. The testimony is now that about two dozen Churches all over the United Kingdom are distributing Christmas hampers- the count now is about 6000 hampers-- may it grow to 600,000 hampers!!!!!

I must also cite an incident that happened to me during the year 2007. I saw myself sitting in front of the computer witnessing and hearing a funeral service being streamed through the internet. The whole service took a few good hours. It was the funeral service of Pastor Ify Irukwu, wife of Pastor Agu who sadly died at a very young age. I have never met Pastor Agu, nor have I met his late precious wife. We have also never been to his Church. So why on earth was I glued to my computer to witness this funeral service. I must also record here that I happened to hear a brief news report on BBC Radio 4-- it was actually on the early morning BBC Radio 4's flagship current affairs programme called Today. The Religious Affairs presenter mentioned that a big funeral service was for the first time going to be held at the Wembley Arena where about 10,000 Christians were expected to pack this arena to celebrate the passing away of this influential woman pastor.

Occasionally I have heard on the radio of various celebrities passing away, but nothing has moved my spirit like this particular news. Rarely the most popular Radio 4 programme ever mention items of this nature. I refer to all this news, although it was a sad item, as spiritual breakthroughs. Together with her husband Agu, she pastored the 2,000-strong Redeemed Christian Church of God (Jesus House) at Brent Cross in London. Its only some time later whilst talking to a local Pastor I came to the realization what motivated me to listen to a service of a total stranger. According to my Pastor friend this church, Jesus House is a very strong interceding church---this was the common denominator that linked my spirit to this church. I also found out that this church is under the mentorship of Reverend Enoch Adeboye who is the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Incidentally, Newsweek ( a liberal magazine) credited Enoch Adeboye as one of the 50 most powerful people in the world. (January 5th 2009 periodical). The magazine cites that the sole mission of this Pentecostal preacher is to save souls. (Alleluia). Only two Christians made their impact in the top 50. The other Christian to grace this illustrious feature was the Pope, Benedict XVI.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God is one of the fastest growing churches in London, (England) and Europe, with over 40,000 members in the capital alone. This can only occur through Christian love and much prayer.

Now I know why I spent so many hours watching the whole funeral service of somebody I have never met.

Could I make an exhortation: Do view and hear the anointed Hymn below.

A Reverential, deeply moving Prayer Vigil. Watch the You Tube video below.

On Saturday 18th September 2010, we attended the much needed Prayer Vigil at Hyde Park, London. Between 8 pm and 8-30 pm, darkness had fallen and most of the 80,000 congregants assembled were on their knees, heads bowed in solemn prayer on the grass in Hyde Park. In devotion and reverence this Hymn was sung, “Lead Kindly Light”.

Watch the video below and prayerfully observe on how strong the impartation of the Holy Ghost is. Do check it out and see whether the sweet Presence of the Holy Ghost touches you! You can only know through viewing the video. It surely will, for moments of this nature are very rare.

James 5:16 (Amplified Bible) The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].

James 5:16 (New Century Version) 16) When a believing person prays, great things happen.

To all those beloved who have lost precious members of their family through unexpected tragedies might find Anton's daily reading a comfort: 'Then where was your God when this disaster happened?'

We want to acknowledge our Lord's blessings on this website. It was blessed and inaugurated officially on 1 August 2002. 

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