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We love The Holy Spirit.Thank God for Pentecost Power.We celebrate Pentecost on June 8th 2014-WhitSunday.

Check it out.Acts 1 verse 8 "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Did you know about the favour of our Lord on this College in Wales? The Former Rees Howell's Bible College Of Wales, Swansea.

James 5:16 (Amplified Bible) The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].

James 5:16 (New Century Version) 16) When a believing person prays, great things happen.

A friend of ours Revd. Pastor Robin Rees, who currently hosts a daily one hour talk show on The Gospel Channel on Christian Television, recently sent me excellent news about the stirring of the Holy Spirit in Swansea, Wales. Pastor Rees is also the Director for the UK and European region of The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International whose headquarters are in Dallas. We also know his wife Elsa.

He forwarded me information regarding the initial stages of reclaiming The Bible College of Wales. Apparently a Pastor associated with a church in Singapore has purchased this historical Bible College. The name Rees Howells still stirs praying intercessors all over the world for this prayer General is closely associated with this college in Wales.

What an honour that our Almighty God anointed Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong from Singapore for this heavenly task. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church which is an independent Pentecostal congregation based in Singapore. Surely blessing after blessing awaits this precious investment.

One can sense how Rees Howell's very powerful intercessory prayers, spoken many years ago, could have resulted in a church in Singapore helping to preserve this bible college, thus retaining part of its historical perspective.

A Divine assignment occurred In September 2011. Our Lord spoke a clear Word to a small team of Pastors led by Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong from Cornerstone Community Church in Singapore to visit South Wales. Their Heavenly task was to re-dig the revival wells where revival broke out in the 1900’s.Also to pray specifically for these consecrated areas.

Like so many others who were captured and fascinated by the on-going revival in Wales, Pastor Yoong had read about Rees Howells in the book called ‘Intercessor.’ Interestingly our local Vicar Amanda Johnson and my wife Saida had also read this profoundly affecting book in their mid-twenties and still till today talk about the contents.

Rees Howells trained his prayer team to travail in prayer at the Bible College and part of the fruit was to see Israel being birthed as a nation. The passion for revival seen through the lens of Rees Howells was impregnated within Pastor Yoong .Till today he is one of the visionaries longing for revival in Singapore.

Read my prophecy page and browse through the lines where the nation of Singapore is mentioned.

Like the intercessors in our church who cried out to the Lord to save All Saints Church Peckham from the hands of the developers,(an interesting footnote here- All Saints Peckham was blessed to welcome a Royal visitor, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles (Prince of Wales), the intercessors in Pastor Yoong’s church prayed a similar prayer for the Bible College to be preserved as it was being put up for sale for future development.

Pastor Yoong refers to this as a Divine moment in God- for moments of this nature can change the course of the Church.The late Pastor Tayo Adeyemi of New Wine Church, Greenwich loved to talk about Divine moments.He would have taken a great interest in this prayer/ intercessory outpouring. Check this page out.Referencing a great exhorter and an encourager.

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong

Above photo: Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong.Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore Pastor Daphne Tuck Yoong

Above photo:Pastor Daphne. Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore. Bible College of Wales

The thriving Bible College of Wales. May thousands be drawn to this Bible College from all over the United Kingdom to fast, pray, intercede and groan at the Throne Room of our Heavenly Father  for our beloved nations.

Cwmbran Victory Church. Greenforge Way,Springvale Ind Estate Cwmbran NP44 3UZ.
Pastor Richard Taylor.

There is another current revival story developing in Wales. It is catching our attention. Apparently this stirring of the Spirit commenced around 10th April 2013 at a small mid- week meeting. Pastor Richard preached a prophetic word from the book of Esther.He introduced the notion of bringing our enemy before the King similar to Esther bringing Haman to King Ahasuerus.

Pastor used this scripture reference as a visual image which we could apply to our modern day problems,like employment or health. He exhorted the congregation to seek the attention of the King.

Some members of the congregation came forward for prayer and healing. Testimonies came forth from this prayer gathering. Someone called Paul who had been in a wheelchair for about 10 years due to a car accident received prayer and God the Holy Spirit touched him. He miraculously got out of his wheelchair and as a sign of victory lifted his wheelchair above his head. A tremendous spirit of Faith enveloped the atmosphere and they sensed the lovely Presence of God.

From this day onwards they kept the Church open.The Pastor reports that apart from normal church service on Sundays, they have had outpouring meetings every night.This outpouring has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world. Some figures suggest 9,000 visitors.The church has 42 planned baptisms. In total they have baptised 67 people.

Please do watch the video below.It is pertaining to the year 2015.

I have joined the Twitter Club and will now be tweeting @AntonNicholas1 Do joyfully follow and track my tweets and may you be blessed!

Watch this video of Anton speaking on YouTube showing exactly what was preciously shared about The Holy Ghost to the gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and why he received their rapt attention.

After preaching the anointed Word, Anton laid hands and prayed for the people in need. We were grateful for the Presence of The Holy Ghost. Do watch the video and we pray as you are viewing that the healing power of the cross of Jesus will touch you personally.

The first segment of the video is shown below. View the remaining three segments here.

Could I make an exhortation: Do view and hear the anointed Hymn below.

A Reverential, deeply moving Prayer Vigil. Watch the You Tube video below.

On Saturday 18th September 2010, we attended the much needed Prayer Vigil at Hyde Park, London. Between 8 pm and 8-30 pm, darkness had fallen and most of the 80,000 congregants assembled were on their knees, heads bowed in solemn prayer on the grass in Hyde Park. In devotion and reverence this Hymn was sung, “Lead Kindly Light”.

Watch the video below and prayerfully observe on how strong the impartation of the Holy Ghost is. Do check it out and see whether the sweet Presence of the Holy Ghost touches you! You can only know through viewing the video. It surely will, for moments of this nature are very rare.

We want to acknowledge our Lord's blessings on this website. It was blessed and inaugurated officially on 1 August 2002. 

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