Alleyn's school

Jannine at Alleyn's school Jannine at Alleyn's Junior School, Townley Road, Dulwich SE22

2000/2001: Form 5W, sitting alongside Jannine are Anna Putt and Augustus Lonsdale. Standing behind are the Class Teacher Miss W. Tyler, Alexander Ooi and Angeli Jeyarajah. We convey our thanks to Wendy Tyler for motivating Jannine to achieve academic excellence. Miss Tyler left Alleyn's in January 2002 to take up the post of Director of Studies at Dean Close Preparatory School in Cheltenham. We wish her every success.

The Headmistress during this period was Mrs Bridget Weir. We remember having some discussions with her in her comfortable office. She was the founding Headmistress of Alleyn's Junior School. At this time the Headmaster of Alleyn's Senior School was Dr. Colin Niven. He was also the Headmaster of Island School, Hong Kong and Dulwich College, Shanghai, The Peoples Republic of China.

Jannine Nicholas


Its our back Garden. Well tendered. Valerie Meilton Bsc, Registered Dietitian is our residential gardener: More

Nasturtium Clematis
Clematis, 'The President'. Mr President faithfully blooms every summer.

Croydon Advertiser

Jannine in Croydon Advertiser

Some messages of congratulation regarding Jannine's success

That is truly great news-what wonderful results. I will follow her future career with interest. God Bless you all,

Ray ( Partner in a Law firm)

That is brilliant news, I am so pleased for Jannine and you all, please pass on my congratulations for her excellent grades and the good news about the place at Cambridge,

Kirsty Jones

I wish Jannine all the best and joy as she pursues her career in Law at Cambridge. We thank God for all His faithfulness and surely you must have worked hard and trusted the Lord to give you this success! I also know that He gives us power and wisdom for every success. Keep praising the Lord!! Sincerely ,

Pastor Rafik Daudjee ( British Columbia, Canada)

I'm absolutely delighted to read that Jannine is off to Cambridge to study law !! You must both be so proud & happy for her. I'm thrilled to read it & would you bring me a spare copy of the newspaper article if they do her story ?

Thank you for thinking of me & letting me know,

Best Regards, Martina. (Dentist) ( She has known Jannine since the age of 3)

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations and extend them to your daughter Jannine. She performed exceptionally well. I thank God for you because you have God -fearing and hard working children. You have brought them up in the ways of the Lord and dividend for your labour is not only in Heaven, it even starts here on earth. You will live to see more of God’s blessings and we will continue to sing Alleluia unto His Holy Name.

From: Rev: Father Gerry Onyejuluwa, St. Joseph’s & St. Edmund, Catholic Church, 14, Rockstone Place, Southampton.

We originally met Father Gerry when he was the assistant priest at the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation, Bingham Road, Addiscombe. Anton had moments of great fellowship with him.

Hi Anton, Excellent news! We are very proud of Jannine. Congratulate her for us. I believe you and the entire family are doing well. Shalom

Pastor Amosah Kweku Sent from my iPhone

This is great news; wonderful answer to prayer. Please give our congratulations to Jannine. best wishes,

Colin and Lesley

Hi Anton This is superb news. Our best wishes are always with Jannine and wishing her very best in pursuing higher studies at Cambridge. regards

Girish Wagle

Dear Anton Thank you so much for sending this update- I've been thinking of and praying for Jannine. Blessings to you all

Kate ( Former Minister All Saints Church, Peckham)

Hi Anton, This is very good news - Congratulations to your daughter for this great achievement. kind regards

Joe & Anita Christopher (Perth - Australia)

Congratulations to Janine and all of you. This is certainly quite a great achievement. Best regards,

Kumar (Malaysia)


Pastor Raymond Yeo (Malaysia)


I am so pleased to hear of Jannine's excellent success, and thanks for sharing the good news. My congratulations to her and well done!

I thank the Lord for his goodness to her and pray that she may continue to achieve her aims. You must be a very proud, happy family and your support and encouragement to her has been well rewarded. May the Lord bless you all as you continue to trust in Him. Love and best wishes


Hello Anton, Saida and Jannine

I have had a look at the website honouring Jannine.; it is a beautiful website - well done!

Jannine is a daughter to be proud of and you guys are wonderful parents - it's obvious that Jannine is a happy person and a very intelligent one too! May the Lord bless your time at Cambridge University, pressed down shaken together and running over (that is truly abundant); keep you safe in His grip! May you have all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding the Lord has in store for you; My way is easy My burdens are light, says the Lord!


The Lord Bless you and cause His light to shine on you With Love from


Greetings Anton

I have read your website with interest and congratulations to your daughter on her magnificent achievement. Kind regards

Brennan Nelson, PhD, FCMA NEW ZEALAND

6:29pm, 1st September 2009

great news - well done guys!

Rev: Frog Orr-Ewing, Vicar at All Saints Church, Peckham, London, SE15 4 QS

2nd September 2009@ 7 pm

Thank you so much for inviting me to share in this great joy of your daughter Jannine passing her exams. The joy I feel writing is as great as I would feel for my own daughter.

Please convey our congratulations to Jannine from my family and myself.

Mavis Britton - An active member of All Saints Church, Peckham

17th May 2010 @15-44 pm

Thank you so much for sending through the web link about Janine’s success. You must be very proud of your daughter. She achieved an amazing result in Economics this summer just gone and I’m so pleased to hear that she is continuing in such a commendable way at university.

Kind regards and do keep us informed of your daughter’s progress.

Darren Wilkins

Economics and Business Studies Old Palace School, Croydon, Surrey.

Top Universities

Jannine at Alleyn's school

Wilberforce Academy

On Saturday 29th January 2011 we were blessed to attend the Awake Arise Day Conference at New Life Assembly Church at Upland Road, Dulwich. We heard some formidable Christian speakers. True champions declaring the principles of the Kingdom of God, principally Andrea Minichiello Williams of The Christian Legal Centre and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester. The other speakers included Tony Horswood, Ade Omooba and Pastor Lovel Bent.

We received a fruitful overflow, an incredible reward for having attended this conference. Both our children had their applications approved in a very competitive field to attend the William Wilberforce Academy 2011 at Exeter College, University of Oxford. We were sharing at home that week avidly listening to challenging lectures from Bishop Michael Nazir –Ali, Andrea Williams, Mark Baines-Pastor of Faith Life Church, Cambridge, Paul Coleman-Legal advisor to Christian Concern, The Right Honourable, Professor The Baroness Cox of Queensbury, Mr James Dingemans QC, Dr. Andrew Fergusson- Christian Medical Counsel, Peter Jones-of truthXchange, Josephine Quintavalle- Director(reproductive Ethics (CORE), Julian Rivers- Professor of Jurispridence, Dr. Sam Solomon- Islamic Affairs Advisor, Jeffrey J. Ventrella- Senior Vice President of Alliance Defense Fund will definitely strengthen and embolden the Christian foundation within Paul and Jannine.

Read more here You will definitely gather an understanding of what the William Wilberforce Academy is all about. The author of this inspirational article, Jordan Lawrence who is Senior Vice - President of the Alliance Defence Fund, title's it as "Better than Prince William’s and Kate’s Wedding." The William Wilberforce Academy trains Britain’s next generation of Christian leaders at Oxford, England.

Read further, Jannine’s testimony as a William Wilberforce Academy attendee on this link: How the Academy tremendously encouraged her

Incidentally let us intensely pray for the current Bishop of London the Right Reverend Richard John Carew Chartres. He will be presenting the address, (the sermon) at the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It is forecasted that a global audience of 2 billion people will watch this marriage ceremony. We pray the anointing of the Holy Ghost, the precious Presence of Jesus Christ, (The Anointed One) will rest strongly on the Rt. Honourable Dr. Richard Chartres and that every single word he proclaims during the address will touch the inner spirit of each global individual who is watching the live telecast from Westminster Abbey on Friday 29 April 2011. May it be so Father God.

Press LINK to read Anton's response to the sermon preached.  Our family prayerfully viewed the "live" service. Brethren our prayers were answered. The Bishop's opening words were: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."


May this also come to pass that soon we will be showered with a tremendous blessing . That a garden will materialize around us that will radiantly look and smell like these photographs below. We thank Ann B. Dodds from the United States of America for forwarding us these photographs. These gardens start as a vision and then they surely become a reality.

Habakkuk 2 verse 3b
Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

These photographs are from Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada.

Gardens Gardens Gardens Gardens

How did Jannine's parents, Anton & Saida, from different continents with contrasting, rigid family backgrounds, join together in Holy Matrimony?

Anton was an orthodox, ultra-conservative, true blue Roman Catholic, a faithful early morning daily communicant. Jesus had to appear in a three dimensional open vision for Anton to receive a Heavenly assurance to marry a non-Catholic. Do curiously view the video below  to witness how the narrative in the vision came to fulfilment

Ever since then their lives took on an unexpected course. Press HERE to read an incredible Testimony.

                             John chapter 17 verses 20- 21

“I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message. 21) I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me."

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We like national flags portraying on our website so we are re-introducing the flag counter freshly again through another firm.It is so exciting to see visitors coming from the far corners of the earth!

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At age 3, Jannine Nicholas memorised the Lord’s prayer, The Our Father, and recited it everyday. Like her brother Paul, she wrote out the Word of God. As to date she has written out 24 books of the bible. By the time Paul was 17 years old, he had already written out 54 books of the bible. He entered Cambridge University overflowing with the Word of God. It was such a joy when Paul surprised us by informing us on 24th January 2010 that he has created his own website. Read Paul's own superb and genuine story: it's an interesting read.

At age 5, Jannine sat for an entrance exam at Alleyn's Junior School, Dulwich. Out of 200 applicants, 100 were short listed to fill 16 places. God the Father honoured Jannine by successfully placing her within the 16 entries. 5 out of these 16 entries went on to gain a place at Cambridge University.

At age 11 she won two scholarships to St. Dunstan’s College and Sydenham High School in London. Her name was published in 'The Times' on the 25th June 2002 for securing one of the top scholarship awards at St. Dunstan's. Jannine attended Senior School at Old Palace School Of John Whitgift.

For over 13 years Dad faithfully prayed and spoke the Word of our Lord aloud (the verses of the bible) everyday, together with Jannine. Dad coached her on how to articulate the biblical verses. To discern whether Dad has done a successful job, do hear a short rendition of her public reading at All Saints Church, Peckham on 19 July 2009 at the 10 am service.

Jannine was an undergraduate at St. John's College, University of Cambridge.

Before she left for Cambridge one of the Books of the Bible she read aloud daily with her Dad was the book of Proverbs, a book full of wisdom. We must have covered the book at least 60 times.

In reference to her October 2009 matriculation  St John’s College sent acceptance letters to only eight applicants from all over the world to read Law. St. John's College has certain distinctive characteristics. Their law undergraduates are mainly supervised by Fellows of their own College and the College Law library is something to behold. It's also one of the best resourced of any Oxbridge College. They retain and hold copies of most of the books and periodicals which are prerequisites for any first year undergraduate.

September 2006

In Year 10, Jannine sat for her first GCSE Paper. This was in Astronomy. She commenced her studies in September 2005 and sat for the examination on 13th June 2006: a total of nine months. We were delighted to receive the news that she has received her first A*. May the original blessing of the Garden of Eden overflow to her--- may this stand as a testimony for others to imitate.

March 2007

The blessings continue to flow!

In March 2007 Jannine entered the United Kingdom Senior Mathematical Challenge, which is a statistical gauge for students to be tested for their mathematical competence. Aspirants are tested for mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency in basic mathematical techniques to solve non-standard problems. It is targeted at the top third pupils in English School years 9-11. She won the Gold Certificate for the top six per cent of candidates.

May 2007

Isaiah 51:3
The LORD will comfort Israel again and make her deserts blossom. Her barren wilderness will become as beautiful as Eden--the garden of the LORD.

It’s May 1st 2007, Jannine sits for her first GCSE today. It’s her French Oral.

Our back garden is already flourishing; the beauty commenced early this season. Photo inserted on the left hand side. View the beautiful purple flowers, "clematis"---it's also termed, "The President". Like our blessed garden may Jannine prosper successfully in her GCSE’s. Her last paper will be on June 15th, 2007 concluding with Physics and French reading and writing.

We will keep you posted when results are published on 23rd August 2007. Another miraculous event, part of the blessing, has developed since Jannine joined Old Palace School of John Whitgift in September 2005. For the first time in it’s entire 118 years history Old Palace School Whitgift Foundation have decided to offer a few Sixth Form  50% scholarships  based on overall Academic merit. It will be interesting to see if Jannine is awarded this scholarship, given the fact that she had to sacrifice her 50% academic scholarship with her former school St. Dunstan’s College.

A slight historical perspective of Old Palace School of John Whitgift, Croydon, Surrey.

Just as a matter of interest, we thought we would et you know that in a previous era Old Palace School of John Whitgift was for 500 years the summer residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Loads of Christian heritage here, don't you agree? Furthermore, from 1887 till 1975, The Community of  the Sisters Of The Church managed this school for educational enhancement. Surely much intercession and prayer must have been prayed over this school!

Archbishop John Whitgift (1583–1604) was the original founder of the now aptly named, The Whitgift Foundation. One article refers to him as perhaps Croydon's greatest benefactor. On 22nd March 2006 during the Annual Service to commemorate this renowned founder the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams attended and preached during this service. It’s normally celebrated at the Croydon Parish Church. It ought to be noted that six former Archbishops of Canterbury lie buried within this building. It has also been stated that some of the country's most famous monarchs, including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, visited and stayed near this building. The history goes back over 1,000 years. So remember you are walking on “hallowed” ground! This area is steeped in very interesting history and is full of character.

In 2006 Old Palace welcomed a former Archbishop, Lord Carey to be the guest speaker at the Friends of the Old Palace Annual General Meeting. We pray that the blessing of the Garden of Eden be on Old Palace School too!!!!

August 2007

Received this refreshing good news today- 23rd August 2007.

Jannine got her GCSE results today. God the Father maintains the blessing of the garden of Eden. It was excellent news.

Isaiah 58 verse 11
The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

She achieved 10A*(stars), plus one taken last Summer,  which makes 11A* in all.

These were for Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, English Literature, German, Latin, French, History and Astronomy.

A photographer from a local newspaper, the Croydon Advertiser, is coming to see her tomorrow. Please do purchase the Croydon Advertiser on 31st of August 2007 to read the published article which includes a nice photograph!

We are ever grateful to our Living God, Christ Jesus for anointing her to achieve these high grades. Her Headmistress, Dr. Judy Harris of Old Palace School of John Whitgift, also sent a note today informing Jannine that she is delighted to offer her a top 50% Academic scholarship for Years 12 and 13 ( Lower and Upper Sixth Form).

January 2009

Our daughter Jannine received an official letter from St. John’s College, Cambridge January 2009 stating that they are delighted to be able to tell her that she has been given a conditional offer of a place to read for a BA Honours degree in Law commencing October 2009.

We offer our highest congratulations to Jannine on her fine achievement. The conditions are demanding. The College is asking Jannine to get exemplary grades to secure a place. Jannine informs us that this is a tough call. We are also now increasingly realizing how very difficult it is to secure a place at Cambridge. We had to remind her that the blessing of the Garden of Eden continues to overflow on her and the wisdom of the Holy Ghost will infill her. (Thank you Jesus). We will proclaim and decree the scriptures. We have encouraged Jannine to do her best in her A level subjects and our expectation is God the Father, the compassionate and merciful One will do the rest. Quotation: 'when we work, we work ---BUT when we pray, God works'.

For I can't but the miracle worker, our Lord Jesus can. I won't but He will, provided we loosen our own solid foundation and totally surrender our self will to HIM.

We will keep you posted on the final outcome. Meanwhile we will still say to her, well done! She has also received a conditional offer from the august London School of Economics to read Law. For this we are also thankful!

We pray that she will be successful regarding her grades and will shine in a similar manner to the extraordinary accomplishments that her grand Uncle Mr. Benedict Ponniah fulfilled during his time at this prestigious Institution, St. Johns, Cambridge.

Read of Benedict Ponniah's accomplishments here, my Grandfathers nephew. Did Malaya miss out on an elite Malaysian becoming Secretary General of the United Nations?

August 2009

Jannine's results published today — 20th August 2009

From the above it is evidently very clear that St John's College, Cambridge insisted on Jannine receiving a minimum of 3 A stars for her A level subjects. Just being awarded an A grade was not sufficient for Cambridge. Jannine received 96% for Economics, 91% for Chemistry, Mathematics 89% and Latin 87%.

In securing 89% she missed her A* by one %. Mr Malcolm Wilcock, who is the UCAS co-ordinator and Head of Oxbridge applications at Old Palace School of John Whitgift, had to send to Cambridge her individual module marks.

At 6-30 pm we received this news: Congratulations! Your place at University of Cambridge to study Law has been confirmed. You will receive a Confirmation Letter shortly. (Letter received today 22nd August 2009). In 2009 entry only 8 applicants were accepted from all over the world to read Law at St. John’s, Cambridge.

St John's

The picture below shows St John’s College, where Jannine is presently an undergraduate. The full formal title is, “The Master, Fellows and Scholars of the College of St. John the Evangelist in the University of Cambridge.” The college was founded by the well known philanthropist Lady Margaret Beaufort. It is set on the Backs of the River Cam on one of the most beautiful sites in the city of Cambridge.

St John's COllege

The College's alumni comprises nine Nobel Prize winners, six Prime Ministers, three archbishops, at least two princes and two saints. The current Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh, went to St John's. The list also includes William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson - both men were leading campaigners against the slave trade. We need to mention Frederick Donald Coggan (Archbishop of Canterbury 1974-1980 and William Wordsworth (poet) too.

In 2010 Jannine Nicholas won the vote and was nominated as Secretary of The Winfield Society 2010-2011.

Commencing in October 2011 for one year Jannine will be President of The Winfield Society ( St. John’s College Law Society).

One of her roles will be to give the Winfield Dinner address when all the highly placed legal luminaries will be invited to St John's College Formal Hall. This will include Judges from the High Court, The Supreme Court, Queen's Counsel's, top Solicitors, Magistrates and many others from the business world. A special invite will be rendered to those who graduated with a Law Degree from St Johns.

Winfield Dinner- Order of Events
This event took place on Saturday 11th February 2012.
The order of events were as follows.
7:30pm Champagne Reception in Hall,
8pm Five course meal.
After the meal Jannine delivered her speech.
10:00pm Reception in the Old Music Room

{We received a delightful letter from Carol Jewell, the newly appointed Head of Old Palace of John Whitgift School in Croydon, congratulating Jannine on her outstanding achievement.Carol kindly informed us that accolades have also come from the Chair of Governors, Rosemary Jones and His Honour Judge William Barnett, Q.C., who sits on the School Governing Body.
Carol Jewell wants to honour Jannine by requesting her to be the guest speaker at the 2012 Junior Prize giving!}

During the last week of June 2011 Jannine has been offered her first mini pupilage at Crown Office Chambers, located at Temple, London. She will be under the mentorship of Mr Toby Gee.

St John's College
Below:  Presenting Jannine Nicholas and Anisha Polson. Two of the eight elite Law undergraduates given a place at St. John's College, Cambridge in 2009. Here they are at the garden party in the presence of Royalty.
Read below what the special occasion was. Jannine & Anisha

The Queen visits St John's College The photograph above was taken by Jannine. This was the day, Wednesday 27th April 2011, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Cambridge on a royal engagement. It was a garden party to mark the 500th anniversary of St John’s College. Jannine was very privileged  to be an undergraduate there when the Royal family came to celebrate this event. On 29th of April 2011, the residents and students of Cambridge were delighted that Prince William and Kate Middleton were bestowed the Royal title of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Invitation to see Queen at St John's College

Jannine Nicholas being admitted to her BA (Hons) degree in Law in her graduation ceremony at the Senate House on the 28 June 2012. This photo shows Jannine kneeling before the Master of St John’s College, Professor C.M. Dobson, whilst he says these words:

"Auctoritate mihi commissa admitto te ad gradum Baccalaurei in Artibus, in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti."

"By the authority committed to me, I admit you to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

Jannine graduating on 28 June 2012

Jannine graduating on 28 June 2012
Jannine photographed with her family.

Malaysian preaching

On the video below, filmed in Malaysia, Jannine's Dad proclaims a moving testimony about how Jannine secured a place at Cambridge University. Do check it out to see how the Malaysians received the contents of what he shared.

Old Palace School

Old Palace Cake

This cake was beautifully made by Maria Thommyppillai’s mother for the Leavers’ Ball for Old Palace of John Whitgift School, Class of 2009. This ball was the farewell party for the Upper Sixth before they left for university. It was held at the Woldingham Golf Club, Surrey on 25th June 2009. Here below is a picture of some of the attendees at the grand ball.

Old Palace Ball

Jannine is pictured in the centre of the photo. To her left is Maria Thommypillai and to her right is Janki Mehta.

Old Palace girls

The above picture is a group of hard working young ladies from Old Palace School of John Whitgift who received exemplary grades in their 2009 A levels. This photograph was published in the Croydon Advertiser, dated 28th August 2009. Some are studying medicine, architecture, mathematics, economics and theoretical physics.

Jannine is kneeling on the front row (right) Sitting beside Jannine is Reya Shah who will be studying medicine at University College London.

We owe a word of thanks to Aline Nassif a journalist at The Croydon Advertiser who wrote the article. Credit is also given to Mrs. Mazzeo, the media co-ordinator at Old Palace School who took this photograph.