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Here below is the declaration Paul had to make before being admitted as a scholar to Christ's College, Cambridge:

I, Paul Nicholas, elected scholar of this College do hereby solemnly promise that I will faithfully keep all the Statutes and Ordinances of the College so far as they concern me. I will obey the Master in all his lawful commands; and will pay due respect to the Fellows all and several, and I will be faithful and loyal to the College.

It was such a joy when Paul surprised us by informing us on 24th January 2010 that he has created his own website now.

Read Paul's own superb and genuine story: it's an interesting read.


Below is a photograph of Paul Nicholas taken in December 2003, together with the Master of Christ's College,

                                                   Prof Malcolm Bowie (front row centre)

and the other elected scholars from that year, prior to the admission ceremony.

Paul is in the back row, second from the right.

(back row: R. Li m, A. N g, G J Nay lor, E C Harr is, K Y Ta n, K E Lo w, L S Ta n, M R Par ry, P A I Nicholas, P J Car oe)


   29th January 2007, we received the sad news that on 28th January, Professor Malcolm Bowie (seated 7th on the left) passed away peacefully. Professor Bowie was the Master of Christ College, Cambridge whilst Paul was an Undergraduate there.

           To Professor Bowie’s family we send our deepest condolences and our sincere prayers. May he rest in peace!